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Story Of Rezang La War

Remembering The Story Of Rezang La War When Indian Army Defeated China

Story Of Rezang La War : Rajnath Singh will also visit Rezang La located in Chushul during his Leh-Ladakh tour on Thursday. There he will also inaugurate the newly built War Memorial in memory of the soldiers who died in the 1962 war. There he will pay tribute to the martyrs on the 59th anniversary of the Battle of Rezang La. This war memorial is dedicated to the brave Indian soldiers of the 13 Kumaon Regiment, who sacrificed their lives while defeating China in the Battle of Rezang La. Let’s know about Rezang La War.

Rezang La, also called Rechin La, is a mountain pass on the Line of Actual Control between Indian-administered Ladakh and the Chinese-administered Spanggur Lake basin that is also claimed by India. The pass is located on the eastern watershed ridge of the Chushul Valley that China claims as its boundar

About six decades ago, our soldiers wrote an unmatched history of bravery with their blood on the 18 thousand feet high wilderness mountains of Ladakh. Today, when we are celebrating the nectar festival of freedom, then this unique saga of bravery should be remembered. Even more so, because a glimpse of this bravery was shown by our brave martyrs in Galvan. Since the Ladakh front is facing the same enemy China, the country needs to keep that invincible spirit of Rezangala alive. In November 1962, a brave Platoon Charlie Company of 13 Kumaon Battalion was deployed on this deserted icy winds south of Pangong Lake in Chushul Sector. The soldiers of this company had .303 bore rifles of the World War II era.

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Anticipating the attack of the Chinese army, Major Shaitan Singh, the commander of the company, fixed the fronts. He anticipated that Chinese troops could launch a sudden attack at any time without bombing the area. Finally, on November 18, at 2 o’clock in the night, the Chinese attack began. Major Shaitan Singh’s contingent patiently waited for the Chinese rifles to come into range. Coming into the range, a fierce assault was launched with rifles, machine guns and mortars. The advancing Chinese had no idea of ​​this. His feet were dislocated. The front slope was littered with corpses of Chinese, screaming wounded. This was followed by a second, third attack, but the result remained the same.

Story Of Rezang La War : Indian soldiers showed tremendous bravery in the 1962 war with China. There was also a war of Indian soldiers with Chinese soldiers in Rezang La of Leh-Ladakh. Charlie C Company of 13 Kumaon Battalion of the Indian Army was stationed here. Its 120 soldiers were standing on an icy peak at an altitude of 18,000 feet above sea level.

During the 1962 war, the Chinese army attacked Rezang La Post at 4 am on 18 November. China wanted to cut off the country’s connectivity with the region by blocking the road between Chushul and Leh. According to the report, Indian soldiers had fought with Chinese soldiers without caring about their lives. About 114 Indian soldiers were martyred in this war. There were no cannons in this battle. Ammunition was also short. The weapons were old. Despite this, Indian soldiers killed 1300 Chinese soldiers.

These soldiers were led by Major Shaitan Singh. He was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously for his bravery. There is also a war memorial in Rewari, Haryana in the memory of these soldiers. Most of the martyred soldiers were from here. Two days after the attack in Rezang La, there was a ceasefire from the Chinese side on 20 November.

There was a war memorial in Rezang La earlier too, but it was small. The new Rezang La War Memorial has been made bigger. A 108 feet high tricolour has also been installed in it. Which reminds the valour of Indian soldiers. Stone plaques bearing the names of all 114 martyrs have been installed in the new war memorial.

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