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Para Commandos- 10 Amazing Facts

Trained For Special Ops Behind Enemy Lines 

As the name suggests, Para Commandos also referred to as Para SF (Special Forces) is the elite operations unit of the Indian Army attached to the Parachute Regiment. Para Commandos recently carried out a surgical strike against terrorist organisations and their hideouts in Myanmar. 

Para SF (Special Forces) also played a vital role during the Indo-Pakistan War (1971), Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka (1980s), Operation Cactus in the Maldives (1988) and Kargil War. Para Commandos is an elite force, trained, spirited, and equipped commandos that undergo one of the hardest training. The raw energy, determination and valour of a Para Commando is simply incomparable and hard to find anywhere else. They are trained to operate behind enemy lines and thwart enemy defences.

If this sounds interesting then keep on reading to get acquainted with 10 amazing facts about Para Commandos, the elite unit trained to carry out special operations behind enemy lines.


SELECTION PROCEDURE: There is no specific selection procedure involved. Officers or jawans belonging to regiments volunteer to join the SF. To get inducted in the elite force, a jawan or officer need to undertake six months of rigorous training to make the cut. The best part of all is that commandos are allowed to quit and return to their parent units, if they wish to do so, during the training period. 

Here are 10 amazing facts about Para Commandos, keep on scrolling to know more. 

  1. Para SF (Special Forces) are trained and well equipped in specialised modes of infiltration and ex-filtration, either by air (combat freefall) or sea (combat diving).
  2. To satiate the adventurous spirit of soldiers, they are required to undertake free-fall course, which requires at least 50 jumps from altitudes up to 33,500 feet (10,200 metres) to pass. 
  3. Both High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) and High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) techniques are being taught to trainees.
  4.   Para SF (Special Forces) presents an ensemble of nine Special Forces, five Airborne, two Territorial Army and one Counter-Insurgency (Rashtriya Rifles) battalions in its fold. 
  5. After successful completion of training, commandos are subjected to a five-week-long process called the ‘HELL’S WEEK’, which involves excessive sleep deprivation. 
  6. These sleep-deprived commandos are instructed to perform arduous physical tasks, like shooting a target 25 meters away with a man standing next to it. 
  7. These commandos are even capable of firing while lying down, standing, running full-sprint, even backwards and looking into a mirror – with a reaction time of fewer than 30 seconds. 
  8. They are trained to utilize high-end automatic pistols to assault rifles like small arms guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers etc in war zones.
  9. They are trained, honed with specific expertise to gather intelligence input, disrupting enemy’s infrastructure and communication facility via deep penetration and surgical strikes behind enemy lines. 
  10. Para SF (Special Forces) came into existence in the aftermath of India-Pakistan war (1965).     

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