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Officer Like Qualities A Defence Aspirant Must Have

Officer Like Qualities A Defence Aspirant Must Have

Dear aspirants, this year the defence entrance exams have reached up the level utmost difficulty and uncertainty, Yet chances are positive that the SSB interview round of respective exams like UPSC and NDA will be conducted as per the schedule. To guide you with clearing the SSB round for these defence exams we are discussing the OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) a defence aspirant must have.

SSB is about your character, defence aspirants are evaluated based on the character attributes he or she has. As required he or she is suggested or not suggested by SSB. The assessors at the SSB search for the accompanying Officer Like Qualities in defence aspirant showing up before the Board.

SSB searches for QLQS hat can lead and motivate the defence officers when the situation is anything but unfavourable for them to resist the urge to panic under tension and settle on choices for the advancement of the country.

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To guarantee that the defence aspirant has these attributes, he/she is measured by assessors from three distinctive testing components viz. Mental Test, Group testing, Personal Interview.

15 Officer Like Qualities (OLQs)

  1. Effective Intelligence
  2. Reasoning Ability
  3. Power Of Expression
  4. Organizing Ability
  5. Social Adaptability
  6. Sense of Responsibility
  7. Co-operation
  8. Self Confidence
  9. Initiative
  10. Ability to Influence the Group
  11. Speed of making Decision
  12. Determination
  13. Liveliness
  14. Courage
  15. Stamina

Why Is OLQ Required ?

Now the question which comes up in the minds of defence aspirants is – Why Is OLQ required after all ? Now to answer this Trishul Defence Academy’s expert SSB team provides a vital and detailed answer. Do read it.

For office cadre SSB selection in-depth and full proof mechanism is adopted any wrongdoing done in the selection process can affect the national security and also the soldiership model will be comprised. Obviously cannot be done for at any cost and this is where OLQ’s comes in place and acts as the set of parameters for SSB selection.

In order to ensure that the candidate possesses these OLQ traits, the assessments are done using the three different testing mechanisms: Psychology, Interview and Group Testing.

Factors Of OLQs

Following are the factors of OLQS which define the requirement of certain characteristics for the defence aspirants:-


Factors For QLQs in SSB












  • Effective Intelligence: Competency to tackle practical problems and find out the best effective solution using available resources.
  • Reasoning Ability : Tests the logical and rational thinking of a person under extreme conditions and evaluating other solutions and choosing the best one.
  • Organizing Ability : Tests the ability of a person to arrange the resources and schedule adopted by him in daily life. It reflects the clarity of thoughts.
  • Power Of Expression : Tests the ability of a person to express his thoughts clearly and put across his ideas effectively irrespective of the language.

         2. Heart 

  • Social Adaptability : Ability of a person to adjust well with the surroundings.
  • Cooperation : Team work is the important aspect of any operation.
  • Sense Of Responsibility : Ability of a person to take up duties and execute the task to the fullest.

        3. Guts 

  • Initiative : Taking up the first step in an unfamiliar situation, sustain it and complete the task.
  • Self-Confidence : Faith to accomplish the task successfully which is a trait of a great leader.
  • Speed of Decision: Ability to take a quick decision, a very important quality of an officer during the war.
  • Ability to Influence: Ability to inspire others and convince them to achieve the desired objective.
  • Liveliness : Must be cheerful and inspire his colleagues as well as juniors.


    4. Limbs 

  • Determination : The tenacity to succeed even after facing numerous setbacks in pursuing a cause.
  • Courage : Ability to pursue what is correctly moral.
  • Stamina : Endurance and capacity to withstand physical as well as mental stress.


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