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Is Tatto Allowed in Indian Army

Is Tattoo Allowed in Indian Army ?

Is Tattoo Allowed in Indian Army ?

Is Tattoo Allowed in Indian Army: As Declared by the Government of India Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders Permanent Body Tattoos on any Part of the Body, As per Existing Customs and Traditions of the Tribe to which a Candidate belongs. Such Candidates will only be Permitted to Continue with the Selection Process in  SSB on the Condition that the following Certificates Must be Submitted by the Candidate from a Tribal Area, Prior to Commencement of Stage I of the Selection Process.

(A) Certificate of Belonging to a Tribal Community and Permissibility of Permanent Body Tattoo to be Signed by anyone of the  Two following Officials:-

(i) DC/DM or SDM of the District where the Tribe of the Candidate is Presently Settled (Name and Designation of the Concerned Official must be Clearly mentioned).

(ii) Chairman / Secretary or any other Senior Member of the Tribe Name, address of the concerned Member Should  be Clearly Mentioned.

(B) Self Certification Certificate  to be signed by the Candidate.

All Other Candidates: Permanent Body Tattoos are Allowed on the following body Parts only, for which a Candidate is Required to Sign a Self Certification .

(A) Reverse side of the palm / back (dorsal) side of both hands.

(B) Inner face of forearms i.e. from inside of the Elbow to the Wrist of both the Hands.

(C) Reverse Side of the Palm or back (dorsal) side of both Hands.

Nature of Tattoos:

(A) Permissible Tattoos.

( Though no Restriction on Size or type of Tattoo has been Specified, Tattoos are only Permitted on body parts as Mentioned above.)

(B) Only Small Tattoos are permitted which Reflects Religious Symbols or names of Near and Dear Ones etc.

(C) Non-Permissible Tattoos. Regardless of location of a tattoo on the body Permitted /not-Permitted), the following will fall under the category of ‘Non-permissible Tattoos’:-

(i) Tattoos on any other part of the body.

(ii) A Tattoo with lewd or Offensive Content or indecent figures. Tattoos that are indecent, Sexist or Racist, Explained as follows:-

Indecent tattoos are those that are grossly offensive to Modesty, Decency or Propriety.

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