Exam Notification 2022

indian navy agniveer syllabus

Indian Navy Agniveer Syllabus 2022

Indian Navy Agniveer Syllabus 2022: Check Complete Syllabus for NAVY SSR

Indian Navy Agniveer Forms For Sailor will be filled from 15 july 2022 to 22 July 2022.Exam For Agniveer Navy SSR will be Conducted in Mid October. In this blog we will discuss about the Indian Navy Agniveer Syllabus 2022.

Written Examination of Navy SSR will be comprising of 4 sections:-

Section 1- English -25 Questions

Section 2- Maths-25 Questions

Section 3- Gk-25 Questions

Section 4- Science-25 Questions

In total 100 Questions will be conducted in Offline Form

Syllabus of English

Grammar Section

  1. Parts of Speech

Ø  Noun

Ø  Pronoun

Ø  Adjective

Ø  Adverb

Ø  Verb

Ø  Preposition

Ø  Conjunction

  1. Time and Tense
  2. Articles
  3. Conditional Sentences
  4. Question tags
  5. Subject-Verb agreement
  6. Active and Passive voice
  7. Narration

Word Power-Section

Ø  Antonyms

Ø  Synonyms

Ø  Idioms and Phrases

Ø  One word substitution

Non-Grammar section

Ø  Passage

Ø  Ordering of words in a sentence (PQRS)

Syllabus Of Maths

  1. Relations and Functions, Logarithms, Complex Numbers, Quadratics Equations, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry

संबंध और कार्य, लघुगणक, सम्मिश्र संख्या, चतुष्कोण समीकरण, अनुक्रम और श्रृंखला, त्रिकोणमिति

  1. Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates, Straight Lines Family of Straight Lines, Circles

आयताकार निर्देशांक का कार्टेशियन सिस्टम, सीधी रेखाओं का परिवार, सीधी रेखाएं, वृत्त

  1. Conic Section, Permutations and Combinations, Vectors, Exponential and Logarithmic Series, Sets and Set Theory, Statistics

शांकव अनुभाग, क्रमपरिवर्तन और संयोजन, क्षेत्र, घातांक और लघुगणक श्रृंखला, सेट और सिद्धांत, सेट, सांखियकी

  1. Introduction to Three-Dimensional Geometry, Probability Function, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives

थ्री-डायमेंशनल ज्योमेट्री, प्रोबेबिलिटी फंक्शन, लिमिट्स एंड कंटिन्यू, डिफरेंशिएशन, एप्लिकेशंस का परिचय

  1. Indefinite Integrals Binomial Theorem, Matrices, Determinants, Definite Integrals

अनिश्चित इंटीग्रल बाइनोमियल प्रमेय, मैट्रिसेस, निर्धारक, निश्चित इंटीग्रल

Syllabus of General Knowledge

  1. India- Size and Location
  2. States of India
  3. Physical features of India
  4. Drainage
  5. Climate
  6. Soils of India
  7. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
  8. Important Terminology

Syllabus of Science

  1. Physical World and Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body/ Gravitation

भौतिक दुनिया और माप, गतिकी, गति के नियम, कार्य, ऊर्जा और शक्ति, कणों का निकाय व घूर्णी गति और दृढ़ पिण्ड / गुरुत्वाकर्षण

  1. Mechanics of Solids and Fluids, Heat Thermodynamics, Oscillations, Waves, Electrostatics, Current Electricity

ठोस और तरल की यांत्रिकी, ऊष्मप्रवैगिकी, दोलन, लहरें, स्थिर वैध्युतिकी, वर्तमान बिजली के मैकेनिक्स

  1. Magnetic Effect of Current and magnetism, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves

चुंबकीय प्रभाव वर्तमान और चुंबकत्व, विद्युत चुम्बकीय प्रेरण और प्रत्यावर्ती धारा, विद्युत चुम्बकीय तरंगें

  1. Optics, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiations, Atomic Nucleus/ Solid and Semi-Conductor Devices, Principles of Communication

प्रकाशिकी, पदार्थ और विकिरणों की दोहरी प्रकृति, परमाणु नाभिक / ठोस और अर्ध-संवाहक उपकरण, संचार के सिद्धांत

  1. Metals and Non Metals, Organic Chemistry, Food, Nutrition and Health, Physiology and Human Diseases, Computer Science

धातु और गैर धातु, कार्बनिक रसायन, खाद्य, पोषण और स्वास्थ्य, शरीर विज्ञान और मानव रोग, कंप्यूटर विज्ञान

Trough This Blog we hope You have an Understanding of Indian Navy Agneever SSR Syllabus

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