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Tips to Prepare Self Description Test

Ideal Tips To Prepare Self Description Test for SSB

Tips to Prepare Self Description Test :  Self Depiction Test (SDT) is one of the Psychologist Tests at Service Selection Board (SSB) conducted to know the urgent and significant data of the competitors.

The Self Depiction Test is a compelling and incredible asset in the possession of psychological testing officers to acquire the affirmation on the applicant’s character attributes which are now recorded by the individual competitor.

The SDT is intended to discover the degree of knowledge of an applicant. One ought to know about one’s qualities and shortcomings.

On the off chance that a candidate knows about his/her qualities, he/she can utilize the strength for additional development and improvement.

In a given case If an applicant knows about his/her shortcomings, one can generally improve with cognizant endeavours. Also, it’s a fact that one needs understanding, one can’t profit by promising circumstances and preparing.

Self Depiction Test (SDT) Procedure

Tips to Prepare Self Description Test:  In Self-Description Test (SDT), the competitors are given 15 minutes and are approached to compose the 05 sections on the accompanying topics –

  • What is the assessment of your friends about you?
  • What is the assessment of your teachers about you?
  • What is the assessment of your relatives about you?
  • What’s your opinion about yourself giving out your weak and strong points ?
  • What characteristics might you want to create?

The Self Description (SD) involves requesting that the competitor record, with respect to what, as he would see it his/her assessment the accompanying individuals consider him/her:

  • Your friends
  • Teachers
  • Your relatives/family
  • About Yourself

The candidate is needed to record his/her own assessment on their opinion about him/her. Both, the good parts of his/her character and the territories that he/she feels should be improved are needed to be referenced for every class.

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Ideal Tips To Prepare Self Description Test (SDT)

Tips to Prepare Self Description Test :  Try not to compose in excess of three chances lines for every classification. Be brief and exact while composing the assessment’s of your friend/guardians, teachers/employers, companions/associates, and yourself.

Never duplicate another person’s SD. Talk from your heart and you could really take input from all the above classification of individuals to compose a bona fide SD.

The SD should include some high purposes of your character and one odd saw zone of progress in every classification.

On the off chance that during the meeting, the IO gets some information about your shortcomings, you ought to likewise be prepared for certain models from your life. For example where you set aside some effort to become companions, or where you got fretful, and so on

Finally, SD is exceptionally select to your character, and thus should be written in your own words. Compose directly from your heart remembering the above cardinals.

Tips For Writing SDT

Tips to Prepare Self Description Test :  Try not to compose OLQs/characteristics while depicting the assessment, for example try not to say, “My friends feel I am persevering, reliable and devoted child/little girl”. Or maybe, say how they see you as dedicated, solid and faithful, for example, say, “My folks consistently remember me for terrifically significant choices to be taken at home (shows reliable).

They generally endow me with troublesome undertakings and difficulties concerning our family matters and issues relating to others among our precious ones as they feel I can deal with them well and could never allow them to down (shows dedicated, strong and loyal individual).

While composing an apparent zone of progress in every class, try not to utilize harsh speech to portray it. Likewise make sure that such deficiency isn’t something which is extremely profound cultivated and unrecoverable.

For example instead of saying that “My companions reveal to me that I’m excessively selective while causing companions and furthermore that I to get forceful now and again”, you could say, ” My companions feel that I set aside a smidgen of effort to open up (picky to make companions), yet once I do, I am a profoundly inviting individual and furthermore that I get somewhat restless on occasion when things don’t turn out well for me. Notwithstanding, I have begun putting forth a cognizant attempt to stay more formed and acknowledge astonishingly.


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