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How to Prepare for SSB Interview of NCC Special Entry Scheme ?

National Cadet Corps commonly known as NCC is a very old Organization which was made with an aim to Ingulgate Military Culture amongst the Youths Of Our Country.Gradually NCC started Expanding from Cities to Cities Today NCC is common in schools in India, right from the Jammu & Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the South and hence, there are many candidates who are having NCC ‘C’ certificate and age ranging between 21 – 25 years. 

Indian Army Opened  NCC C Certificate entry with an aim to Hire Potential Officers and thus No Written Test Was Offered For This Entry 

Since The Entry Started ,Every Year Number Of Aspirants Who have NCC C Certificate and are aged between 21-25 yrs is Increasing.The Competition is Increasing day by Day .Candidates today need to Prepare Well For SSB Interviews For NCC Else Chances of Screen Out ,Conference Out and Merit Out is Very High.For Instance:-

NCC 54 Entry

Number Of Seats For Male-55-78 Candidates Got Recommended

Number Of Seats For Females-5-88 Candidates Got Recommended

In Other Words Only those Candidates Could Reach OTA Chennai who were merit in thus IN NCC Special Entry Scheme Chances Of Merit Out Is Very Very High

How To Prepare For SSB Interviews 

Step 1-Improve Communication Skills

For NCC Candidates The Major Problem Area in SSB Interview is Communication.In Spite OF Being Graduate or Final Year Graduation Students,The Communication is Not Very Very Good.So Majorly The Candidates Get Screened Out.Thus These Type Of Candidates Need TO Prepare Well FOr Screening. In Trishul Defence Academy We Have Screening Preparations For NCC Candidates Daily in Form Of Story Writing,Story Narration and Officer Intelligence Rating Test Preparations 

Step 2-Develop Imaginatory Power

In the Times Of Google and Chat GPT ,Students have Stooped Imagining.Their Imagination Powers have gone Low. NCC Candidates do very bad in Psychological Test Specially in TAT.They are not able to Imagine and write a blank Story..In Trishul Defence Academy we make NCC Students Write  atleast 5 Tests Of  TAT and give them the Individual Feedback.

Step 3-GTO is not About Individual Obstacles only

Most OF NCC Candidates think GTO is All About Jumping and Crossing Obstacles but this doesnt hold true. GTO Technique is much much more than What Individual Obstacles are. In Trishul Defence Academy GTO Expert Veteran Capt S k Singh Sir Takes Lectures on All 9 Tasks of GTO and Tells Their Importance. For NCC Cadet he makes sure Individual Obstacles are done at the Last.His Focus is on Group Planing Exercise Which Involves Reasoning Skills To Understand the Nature Of Problems

If you are a NCC Candidate and You are looking for SSB Interview Coaching come and Join Trishul Defence Academy.

Then there is a need to prepare well for the SSB.

Join Trishul Defence Academy for SSB Interview Preparation

Trishul Defence Academy was set up in year 2003 by Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra  who himself was Ex NDA Ex GTo. In over 20 yrs Trishul Defence academy has given over 650 Selections toIndian Armed Forces and the Count is Still on..In Trishul Defence Academy SSB Classes are taken by Col Pankaj Mehrotra (Ex NDA,Ex IO) who himself has served as Dep President of Army SSB Board Allahabad and Bhopal. GTO Classes are being taken by Captain S K Sinngh, who is a GTO Expert. Trishul Defence Academy has its own GTO Ground. Come and Experience SSB Interview Classes of 21 days by the Best Team in Country

ssb interview

 GTO Tasks & Activity


If You are Looking For SSB Coaching ,Come and Join Trishul Defence Academy…..

About the Accessors of SSB Interview In Trishul Defence Academy

Col Pankaj Mehrotra himself was Deputy President with Army Selection Board (Bhopal and Bangalore) and was Ex NDA and Ex IO.Complete Interview Technique and Psychological Technique is taught to Candidates under him..

Captain S.K. Singh is the GTO Expert With Trishul Defence Academy. Complete Technique is Taught by him with State Of Art Infrastructure, Updated GPE Models, Outdoor GTO Task and thorough techniques of use of Helping Materials is taught by him…

captain sir gto expert

Abhinav Mehrotra son Of Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra gives thorough Practice of Lecturette and Group Discussions everyday so that Personality of the Candidates can be Groomed

In 20 Years Trishul Defence Academy has given over 650 Officers to Indian Armed Forces and the Count is still on…. Join Trishul Defence Academy for Best SSB Interview Coaching and improve your chances of Selections…

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