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How Many Types of Medical Tests in Defence Exams ?

Medical Tests in Defence Exams

In this Blog we are going to discuss about various Medical Test which are conducted in Defence Exams like NDA ,CDS,AFCAT .Through this blog We will tell you about Various Medical Test Conducted to become a Indian Armed Officer

Medicals are conducted after You get Recommendation in SSB Interviews. Medicals are generally conducted for 2-3 Days and Includes Following in a Chronological Order:-

1. Height

Army-157 cm

Navy-157 cm

Air Force-162.5 cm

For Females height Required is 152cm

*Relaxation of upto 4 cms for those are from Hilly Terrain and  from North East Region

2. Weight

Weight is Always in Correspondent to Height.If you are Underweight Or Overweight You are given 40 Working Days to get it Rectified

3. X-Ray

Third Test after Height and Weight is X Ray.X Ray of Chest and X Ray Of Spine is Conducted .Spinal Fractures and Spinal Injuries are not Entertained.Chest Should be minimum 81 cm for Males and Expansion to be 5 cm however for Females there is no minimum Criteria

Any Fractures in Leg /Hands Before Medicals is absolutely Accepted

Any Surgery Scar is Perfectly alright.Removed Appendix too is accepted

4. Knock Knees

Joining of Knees is Known as Knock Knees.Knock Knees causes difficulty in running thus Knock knees becomes a hurle.If You are Suffering From Knock Knees, you will be given Temporary Rejection.Knock Knees is a normal Problem  which can be treated with Proper Exercises.In 2019 Yashwant Got Selected in NDA 146 Course however was given Temp Rejection due to Knock Knee..In 40 Days Time Trishul Defence Academy’s Physical Instructor resolved the Problems of KNock Knees .Thus If you have knock knees do not Worry

5. Flat Foot Examination

Flat Foot is Accepted in Army but not in Air Force and Navy thus If You have Flat Foot think about Army Only.

6. Sweaty Palms

In Case Of Sweaty Palms,Apply Medicine and This Problem will be Resolved.This is not a cause of Permanent Rejection

7. Improper Speech

Improper Speech is a cause of Permanent Rejection thus if You Stammer you cannot go into Indian Armed Forces as a Officer

8. Hernia

The Operation should be at least a Year Old.Operation for Hernia is accepted.

9. Dental Points

If all 16 Teeth at top and 16 teeth at bottom in mouth are at Correct Position then 22 Points are Alotted.Minmium 14-22 Points are required For Getting into Indian Armed FOrces.Less than 14 Points are not accepted inIndian Armed FOrces

10. Pathology Test

Complete Blood Haemogram along with Urine Test is Conducted.ECG too is conducted.If any discrepancy found you will be given TR.

These are the Medical Tests which are there in Defence Exams Like NDA,CDS and AFCAT.All The Medical Test For Defence Exams are Conducted in trishul Defence Academy.For more details watch the video till the End..

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