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Duties Of Navy Executive Officer

Duties Of Navy Executive Officer

Duties Of Navy Executive Officer : Executive Branch is one of the most important branches of Indian Navy which covers a diverse range of duties. As a Navy Executive Officer you will be assigned the following duties which are as follows : –


  • General Service Officer
  • Hydrographic Officer
  • Naval Armament Inspection Officer
  • Provost Officer
  • Pilot Officer
  • Observer Officer
  • Submarine Officer
  • Diving officer
  • Law Officer
  • Logistics Officer
  • Information Technology


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General Service Officer : As a General Service officer you will be both working and battling the ship. It implies you will be a crucial part of the intricate framework that deals with the boat and furthermore utilizes the ship as an instrument of strategic warfare.

You will figure out how to have a decent comprehension of your ship’s capacities and limits and have the option to make them advantageous for you. It is thus that an Executive Officer alone can try for the order of a naval ship.

General Service Executive offcers are prepared in specializations like anti submarine warfare, navigation, route, communications, gunnery, logistics, diving and hydrography.

Hydrographic Officer: Executive Officers can have practical experience in hydrography. Hydrographic Officers are answerable for gathering data needed for making the nautical graphs utilized by the Indian Navy and different Navies all throughout the planet.

Maritime Armament Inspection Officer: These specialized officers investigate the armaments provided to the Navy by different offices. While they guarantee the quality, security and dependability of naval armaments and stores, they are additionally answerable for in-house research and advancement prompting indigenisation. Both Permanent just as Short Service Commissioned officials serve in this framework.

Executive Officer: A different unit of Provost Officers is there to manage policing, administrative, and security and carefulness needs of the Navy.

Pilot Officer: For those with a yearning to fly in the skies, the naval force needs Pilots who go about as airborne strategic organizers of marine fighting. While most Navy pilots fly boat borne helicopters and shore based oceanic surveillance airplane, some first class pilots additionally fly contender airplane like Sea Harrier or Mig 29K.

Maritime airplane find and assault foe surface ships and submarines and participate in land and/or water capable fighting, search and salvage, loss departure and so on For this, particular preparing is conferred at different spots on shore and above water units.

Spectator Officer: For those with a longing for the skies, naval force needs onlookers who go about as airborne facilitators of sea fighting. Spectator officer works different best in class hardware including sonics, sonars, radars and correspondence gear. Spectator officer gets a chance to partake in all aspects of maritime activities locally available according to the armada: the oceanic Patrol airplane.

Submarine Officer: If you partake in the test of new wildernesses, fulfill the clinical guidelines and have an extraordinary record, this is the best specialization for you. These new hi-tech war machines have magnificent capability, cutting edge weapon control frameworks, PC controlled hardware and an exclusive expectation of livability.

During peace time one significant obligation of the submarines is to prepare for battle as adequately as conceivable in the information that will add to its anticipation.

Diving Officer :  work range from submerged assessment and fix of boats to protection of Indian Navy oceanic resources. This is one more first class and testing task specialization wherein being in the parent proficient arm with sub specialization like gunnery, Navigation, Anti-submarine warfare or, more than likely coordinations, hydro, Aviation and so forth one can become ships jumper. On the other hand one might select to turn into a Diving Officer wherein one would be needed to embrace a Clearance Diving Officers course and additionally a marine Commando course.

Law Officer: A different framework of Law Officers likewise exists to manage the legitimate necessities of the Navy. Both Permanent just as Short Service Commissioned officials serve in this cadre.

Logistics Officer: An advanced warship isn’t just an intricate battling unit, yet additionally a small scale municipality and local area of a few hundred individuals. These staff must be taken care of, dressed and paid, anything that might be the boat’s job.

An advanced warship has additionally to be continually provided with fuel, water and extras for the huge swath of refined gear and apparatus. Adrift or on shore the Logistics Officer has an essential part to play in the specialized and human parts of the boat’s association. It is a task that requires remarkable administrative abilities and the capacity to convey under tension.

Information Technology :  Indian Navy gives an astounding vocation openings in IT field. These personnel acquire active involvement with tasks, support and organization of center IT foundation in applications.

They are presented to R & D (Research & Development) capacities as a component of standard development profile. Naval IT setup is one of a kind since it includes shore based foundations as well as above water units, which need to keep up with network and synchronized tasks. The contract of obligations of IT Officer incorporates following:-

  • Execution of Enterprise wide systems administration and programming advancement projects.
  • Management of critical Naval organizations and programming applications.
  • Organization of shore and on-board networks.
  • Improvement exercises regarding digital protection items


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