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CDS 1 2022 GK Analysis | Download CDS GK Answer Key of All Set

The UPSC has scheduled the CDS 1 2022 test for the 10th of April 2022, which would be a major day for CDS applicants. Students will eagerly await CDS 1 2022 GK Analysis after completing their written exams to learn if they have a chance to make the merit list. Apart from other topics, GK is crucial for the students because it determines exam success. Read all about latest updated Download CDS 1 2022 GK Answer Key of All Set A, B, C, D.

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The CDS 1 2022 Exam Pattern for admission to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), and Air Force Academy (AFA) differs from the Officers’ Training Academy Admission. Take a look at the table below to get a better sense of the exam format:

CDS 1 2022 Exam Pattern

CDS GK exam pattern

Physics :


Chemistry :


Biology :


History :




Economics :




Before you begin the CDS 1 2022 GK Analysis, it is critical that you understand the CDS 1 2022 test pattern. To better understand it, look at the table below:


Subject Duration Maximum marks
English 2 hours 100
General Knowledge 2 hours 100
Elementary Mathematics 2 hours 100

CDS Exam Pattern for IMA, INA, AFA:

CDS Exam Pattern for OTA:

Subject Duration Maximum marks
English 2 hours 100
General  2 hours 100

All applicants must take the General Knowledge exam. The General Knowledge section of the exam covers a wide range of topics, including history, geography, science, politics, economics, and current events. There are a total of 120 questions, with each incorrect attempt receiving a negative score. Periodicals and newspapers are the primary sources of information for this section.


Topics  Number of Questions Difficulty Level
History 23-18 Moderate
Geography 15-17 Moderate to Difficult
Polity 13-17 Moderate
Economy 12-14 Moderate
Current Affairs 20-23 Easy to Moderate
Physics 8-10 Moderate to Difficult
Chemistry 8-10 Moderate
Biology 9-10 Moderate
Defence news 9-11 Moderate
Miscellanous Gk 15-17 Easy to Moderate

How to prepare for CDS 1 2022 General Knowledge?

  1. Examine the syllabus, exam pattern, and cut-offs. 

For exam preparation, candidates should review the syllabus, exam pattern, cut-offs, previous years’ question papers, significant themes, and other important exam recommendations. The UPSC CDS 1 2022 General Knowledge component will have a total of 100 marks and will last 2 hours. Only objective-type questions will be asked on the paper. General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics question papers (Test Booklets) will be bilingually set in Hindi and English.

  1. There is a penalty for incorrect answers, so don’t guess. 

Candidates should be aware that incorrect answers indicated by a candidate in Objective Type Question Papers will result in a penalty (Negative Marking). For each question, there are four possible responses. For each question for which the candidate has given an incorrect answer. As a penalty, one-third of the marks given to that question will be deducted.

  1. Review Topic-by-Topic Preparation Tips 

The question paper will be designed to assess general knowledge, which will include current events and ordinary observation and experience in its scientific elements. All elementary disciplines, such as history, geography, politics, economics, science (physics, chemistry, biology), static GK, and current events, should be reviewed by candidates.

Read all important Articles & Schedules in the Indian Constitution, important Personalities, important Temples, Dams, UNESCO Heritage Sites, Art & Culture, National Parks, Bird Sanctuaries, Wildlife Sanctuaries, etc. According to past years’ question papers, each subject will include 10-20 questions in History, Geography, Politics, Economics, and Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).

Make reading newspapers (online or in print) a habit, and read news about government plans, summits & conferences, science & technology, sports news, statistics & reports, budget allocations, Defense events, major appointments, and so on. Read books like Manorama Yearbook, journals like Competition Success Review (CSR) and Pratiyogita Darpan, and newspapers like The Hindu and The Economic Times, among others.

  1. Don’t start new projects; Solve practise tests, question papers, and quizzes from prior years. 

Candidates should use this time to consolidate what they’ve learned so far. Examine current events from the last three to six months, maintaining an open mind on new developments. For CDS 1 2022 GK Analysis To prepare for the Static GK section in a timely and efficient manner, stick to your Study Plan. Candidates will only have 2 hours to complete the General Knowledge part, thus practising with a timer is essential.

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