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Break the Myth of SSB Interview

Myths Of SSB Interview

Myth NO. 1

As son of doctor becomes a doctor, son of lawyer becomes lawyer, son of engineer becomes engineer and in general it is a trend that the ward of a professional selects the profession of his parents or prefers to join the same profession. In the similar manner a son of defence officer prefers to join forces.

Hence the myth no. 1 is that

“The Services Selection Boards tends to select an officer from officer background candidates. “


This is a very big myth and please do not indulge in such rumors. This can be explained with some examples

  • As in the case of the son of Vice Chief of Air Staff S.K. Tyagi is no recommended in the Dehradun selection board
  • Even there are several examples of commandant of the Selection board Major General and his son has not recommended.
  • Even there are many GTO and Assessors whose sons were not recommended.
  • Although the profession of the parents is asked in PIQ form but there is no trend as such.
  • The final recommendation is not made till the conformation is not given about a particular candidate that as potential candidate who can be bought to Academy and can be shaped in a good officer through training till then do not follow any such myth or rumors that there is any trend of selecting a candidate of defence background.

Myth Number 2

A good looking or a candidate of Robust physique have high chance of recommendation in comparison to those who are dwarf or not enough fair.


“Again this is a big myth. In fact the SSB is the test of your personality and not of your outlook. How fit are you personality wise, what is your thought process, how is your group behaviour, how organised you are, and are assessed on the 15 qualities given there. And nowhere is written amongst those 15 qualities that how good looking are you.

Hence, physical description is not a criterion for selection. Even if you are not so physically fit than the quality wise then there a chance given for re-medical. Whether you are over-weight or underweight, or having glass for weak eye-sight for those re-medical is a option.

Myth Number 3

Is it necessary to perform all the individual tasks


“Not at all, the individual obstacles are test of your physical stamina and physical courage, which are trainable qualities. In fact most of recommended candidates are unable to complete all the tasks utmost 7 to 8 obstacles are achievable.

In addition to that the physical stamina, courage can be made better.

Myth Number 4

GTO is not as important as Psychology and Interview


This is the biggest myth that the recommendation is given on the basis of Psychology and Interview aspect of a candidate rather GTO.

In fact the GTO is the assessor who watch your performance at the ground. The Factor 2 ‘what is your social adjustment’ and factor 3 ‘What is your effectiveness?’ is observed by GTO. If you talk about consideration to clear the myth that all the three assessors have their importance in recommendation of the candidate. When we talk about the consideration or atleast regarded as doubtful candidate category, then about 80% candidates were considered as considerable by the Interviewing officer only, they are under consideration. Whereas this ratio decreased to 45% when it comes to Psychologist which means that only 45% candidates are considered by Psychologists. And when it comes to GTO then only 20% candidates are under consideration just because of the poor group behaviour of an individual.

Hence, this is a biggest myth that the process of GTO will not work and Psychology and Interview is more important and fruitful, then this is wrong. All the three aspects are equally important rather I say that GTO is little more than other two.

Myth 5

As a candidate comes out after the Interview he claims that his recommendation is certain as he interviewed by the Board President itself, because of the Interviewing officer is the president of the board. Is it true that if the interview is taken by president of the board himself then the chances of recommendation is higher?

Answer to Myth 5

“Not at all, this is also a myth only. The president of the board is of brigadier ranked officer. If the president of the board is the senior most president then as you may know there are boards in the selection centre as in Allahabad selection centre there are 5 boards, and then the president of senior most selection board is Major General ranked officer. Otherwise the deputy president of the boards is colonel ranked officer. Hence, if we notice then the experience of president is more than the deputy president as the rank is higher. Therefore the interview taken by the president seems better in comparison to deputy president.It can be Lengthy too. But do not make any doubt or myth. The interviews taken either by president or deputy president have their own values. Many times it seems that a recommendation given by deputy president is more than the president. It is only a myth that if the interview is taken by the president then the chance of recommendation is more. It is all your representation which is counted in your interpersonal skills that what was your interest of your interaction and how good you were in terms of speaking, how happily you were talking to him and how logical you were when you were replying to answers.

Hence to eradicate the myths, you have to take a proper guidance. Which is given by only and only by a proper assessor, one who has experiences like , Col. Pankaj Mehrotra, Deputy President of SSB, at army board at Allahabad and Bhopal and Cap. S.K. Singh sir GTO expert to support there is a within the campus GTO ground is here at Trishul Defence Academy, Prayagraj, has its own SSB dormitory where you can stay. Therefore atmosphere, assessor + infrastructure and experience can make you successful.

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Abhinav Mehrotra son Of Late Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra gives thorough Practice of Lecturette and Group Discussions everyday so that Personality of the Candidates can be Groomed

In 20 Years Trishul Defence Academy has given over 650 Officers to Indian Armed Forces and the Count is still on…. Join Trishul Defence Academy for Best SSB Interview Coaching and improve your chances of Selections…

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