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airmen training school

Airmen Training School “ATS” Belgaum

Airmen Training School “ATS”

Many of you want to be an air man, it is mandatory to you to understand How is the training of Airmen done? In this Blog  we are going to discuss about Airmen Training School (ATS) which is situated at Belgaum.

How Belgum was Choosen for ATS

Defence aspirants during WW-II an air strip was made to give a boost  to Allied Forces. The HQ of South East Countries Allied Forces was established at Belgaum in 1940s. Thereafter the nation got independence  and the Karnataka police used this air strip for Karnataka police training. In 1963 No. 1 GTS of IAF shifted from Jalhali to Belgaum and from that day till now this GTS 1 is used as the Air men training school/ It is also known as ATS and its main function is to train such air warriors To create such air warriors who will give a boost to the setup of the Indian Air Force, who understand the value system of the Indian Air Force, who understand the culture of the Indian Air Force

Joint Basic Phase Training of 12 weeks

It is that training which is imparted to Airmen for 12 weeks in which  an Air warrior is made.

The recruitment’s in Air Force as Agniveer vayu ‘X’ Group or Agniveer vayu ‘Y’ Group is known as civilian until he joins the academy. A civilian is giving this 12 week train of JBPT. It comprises of 4 training in a year and about 8,800 Airmen join Air force as Air warrior below officer rank. JBPT is headed by Wing Commander Ranked officer who by his caliber lead the JBPT.

As a cadet enters to this school / academy he is allotted one out of five squadrons (Katra, Lal, Mehar, Latif or Majumdaar . As soon as the trainee gets the squadrons, the process of training starts

The training is given in three modules :

  1. General Service Training(GST)
  2. General Service Knowledge(GSK)
  3. Field Craft Training (FCT)

Along with this Sports Culture, participation culture in event, complete training + complete personality glooming and complete sports knowledge so that he can serve as airmen.

Daily Routine OF The Trainees in Airmen Training School

The trainees are suppose to get up at sharp 3:30 am , get ready from 3:30 am to 4:30 am and at 4:30 am they have to report for the Health Run. In this health run there is normal exercises along with there is a run , push-ups and sit-ups and chin ups. From 4:30 am to 5:30 am after the health run trainees go back there room and return to mess for breakfast. There after trainees have to report for the General Service Training. The timing for GST in the morning from 7:30 am to 9:00 am and thereafter there is a break for half an hour and then for the trainees training of General Service Knowledge commences in which they were have to study the academics from 10 in the morning to 2:00 pm in which normal English, hindi, Computer science and general knowledge. As this academic session over’s  lunch is served.

And usually after the lunch extra classes were planned and lasts till 4 pm. After that the trainee were have to report for the PT / Drill in the evening. There parade is schedule to 4 pm to 6 pm. From 6 to 7 pm evening tea and rest time and there after night classes starts from 7 pm to 8 pm

8-9 pm dinner time

9 pm night call for the trainees to plan for the next day and from 10:30 pm lights are called off.

This is the schedule in ATS from 3:30 am in the morning to 10:30 pm in night for the trainees in IAF.

Beside this on Saturdays and Monday there were special Yoga classes were scheduled. Events were planned on the Saturdays so that to buildup the overall personality of the airmen, to develop extrovert capability and as well as to follow the daily culture of IAF.

In this way in this ATS makes  a civilian to airmen is in 12 weeks who can face any challenge in IAF.

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For more details watch the video…….

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