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How To Join Marcos – Special Forces Of Indian Navy


Abbreviated to MARCOS the Marine Commandos, and officially called the Marine Commando Force (MCF), is the Special Forces unit of the Indian Navy that is responsible for conducting special operations. They are reputedly known as the Dadiwala Fauj by terrorists because of their bearded disguise. The Indian Navy’s Marcos have significant capabilities for undertaking Special Forces operations in the maritime domain, as well as on land and by air. They can operate independently and in conjunction with Army and Air Force Special Forces, How To Join Marcos – Special Forces Of Indian Navy,


How To Join Marcos – Special Forces Of Indian Navy


After the India-Pakistan War (1971) it decided to set up a special unit to undertake amphibious warfare & maritime special operations. Established in 1983, the 340th Army Independent Brigade, located at Trivandrum, was trained for maritime operations (Bennett, 2004) and in Operation Pawan, worked alongside the IMSF, which was to provide a beach reconnaissance party. The Indian Navy conducted various exercises to demonstrate the IMSFs capabilities, notably exercises in Andaman Nicobar (1984) and Goa (1986).

The need for Marine Commandos was first accepted in 1985 for the defence of offshore assets in Bombay High against clandestine attacks (Hiranandani, 2013). The Commandos’ task was to evict terrorists who had already taken over an oil production platform. Consequently, the Indian Navy established the IMSF and for ‘commando version’ helicopters to fly these Commandos swiftly from Bombay to Bombay High.


  • To conduct clandestine attack against enemy ships,
  • offshore installations and other vital assets behind enemy lines;
  • To support amphibious operations including pre-assault ops;
  • Conduct of surveillance and recent missions in support of naval operations;
  • Conduct of clandestine diving operations;
  • Combating terrorism in a maritime environment.
  • Counter-terrorism; Special reconnaissance; Unconventional warfare; Hostage rescue; Personnel recovery; Asymmetric warfare; Safeguarding of off-shore energy assets, among others.


Application for the Marine Commandos is made by male volunteers of the Indian Navy, applications from other branches of military service are not accepted. Volunteers can be either commissioned officers or enlisted sailors.

Candidates will generally go through four phases to become a fully-qualified Marine Commando, which include:

  1. Pre-Selection.
  2. Selection
  3. Initial Qualification Training (Basic SF Training).
  4. Probation Period (Advanced SF Training).

MARCOS candidates undertake a two-year course of training, with the first phase lasting one month and nine months for further training.

How To Join Marcos – Special Forces Of Indian Navy



The first phase on the journey to becoming a Marine Commando is pre-selection, also known as enrolment, which takes place over three days. This three-day long process will witness an attrition rate between 50% and 80%. For the few who are successful, there is the daunting prospect of attending the 5-week selection process incorporating ‘Hell Week’.


Candidates who successfully complete pre-selection has to attend the gruelling selection process which takes place over five weeks of daunting physical tasks, accompanied by large doses of sleep deprivation.

Some of the tasks that candidates may encounter during this phase include:

Morning runs of 20-kilometres (12.4 miles). Night marches of 20-kilometres (12.4 miles) carrying a 60 kg (132 lb) load. Conduct training with live ammunition. Once per week, conduct a march of 120 kilometres carrying a 60 kg (132 lb) load in a specified time limit & Hell Week’, modelled on the US Navy SEALs “Hell Week”. Around 98% of the volunteers who enrol fail to fully qualify as MARCOS.

Basic SF Training:

Candidates who successfully complete the selection process will move on to initial qualification training, which consists of basic SF training and advanced SF training. Candidates will undergo a variety of training with several different organisations, although all training is overseen by INS Abhimanyu (10 Weeks). A significant amount of training that the US Navy SEALS undergo has been replicated in the training of MARCOS (both the US Navy SEALs and British SAS aided in the early stages of training). Candidates who successfully complete these courses will move on to advanced SF training.

Advanced SF Training:

MARCOS advanced SF training includes a probationary period for candidates that must be successfully completed. Candidates will join designated ‘Prahars’ for ‘on-the-job’ training. At the end of this long and formidable training. The candidates are capable of firing a weapon while standing, lying down, running at a full sprint, backward or even looking into a mirror – all within a reputed reaction time of 0.27 seconds.

How To Join Marcos – Special Forces Of Indian Navy

Approximately 10% to 25% of candidates ‘survive’ to graduate this long and grueling selection and training process. However, for those who are successful, there is a three-year (for officers) or five-year (for sailors) tour of duty with MARCOS.

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