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Know All About How Indian Navy Names It’s Submarines & Ships For more information read full blog

How Indian Navy Names It’s Submarines & Ships ?


To save its credibility in the battle of supremacy in the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Navy has to fight a diplomatic battle and have to deal with ships and agreements.

When INS Sindhuveer is being discussed in this connection, an interesting question arises as to how the names of ships and submarines in India, ie Submarine, are kept? You are fully aware of names like INS Chakra, Vikrant and INS Viraat, but are you aware of the entire exercise behind their nomenclature?

In the last month and a half, India has tested about a dozen missiles as well as its war weapons. Weapons associated with the Navy were also included in this.

However, here let us tell you about the arrangement and manner by which the Indian Navy keeps memorable names of its ships and submarines.

How are names decided?

Do you know that ballistic missile submarines in America are mostly named after US states? Likewise, the Navy has its methods in Britain and France.

In India, there is an organization for naming ships and submarines, the Internal Naming Committee (INC) which works under the country’s Ministry of Defense.

The Assistant Chief of the Navy continued to be made the head of this committee. Apart from this, members of the Department of Surface Transport, Human Resource Development and Archeology are also members of this committee, including representatives of the history section of the Ministry of Defense.

The names are recommended after the policy instructions, the Navy Chief accepts them. Consent of the President is also sought for motos and crests of warships.

Concept of rhythm and uniformity in Indian Navy

While deciding the names of ships and submarines, care is taken that the names of a category or one of the vessels are on the same theme.

For example, cruisers or destroyers are named after the state capital, a big city or great warriors in the history of the country like INS Delhi, INS Chennai, INS Kolkata, INS Mysore, INS Rana and INS Ranjith etc.

It is possible that names like INS Sahyadri, INS Shivalik, INS Satpura have the illusion that many names of ships of a class begin with the same letter, then there is a concept of astrological or ‘auspicious letter’ behind it. According to a report, there is a tradition of naming warships after mountains, rivers or weapons, and care is taken that the first letters of the ship names of the same category remain the same.

For example, INS Talwar, INS Teg along with INS Brahmaputra, INS Ganga are the names of this category. Apart from these, the names of fighter ships are named after personal weapons such as INS Khukri, INS Kirpan or INS Khanjar are the names of this category.

Similarly, vessels used for multi-purpose patrolling have been named after islands such as INS Kalapani, INS Car Nicobar or INS Karuva.

Difference Between Ship and Submarine Names

According to the role of anti-submarine warships, their names have symbols of aggression, such as INS Kamorta or INS Kadamatta. Now, as submarines do more work underwater, they are chosen for violent fishes or some intangible names associated with the sea, such as INS Shakti and INS Shankul or INS Sindhukirti and Sindhughosh are traditional submarines, INS Arihant and INS Chakra. Nuclear submarine.

INC had suggested several names for this ship such as Vishant, Vishwavijayee, Vishal, Vikral, Vaibhav, Vishwajeet, Demolition, Virendra and Visrajanth. But the Ministry of Shipping informed that the name of a merchant ship is already Vishwavijaya.

After this, the committee considered again and suggested the name Vikramaditya for the aircraft carrier. Later it got the consent of the Navy Chief and the President and the name were decided.

What is Relevance?

After this interesting information, one should also know why INS Sindhuveer is in the news? Recently India has given a kilo class submarine named Sindhuveer to Myanmar. Despite shortages, India’s submission of Myanmar is considered a diplomatic move.

The reason is that many rebel organizations are building their bases in Myanmar and together with India, Myanmar is taking steps against them. On the other hand, China’s cooperation and influence in Myanmar are also increasing, which India needs to end.

Earlier, in 2017, India also gave torpedo assistance to Myanmar Navy and also gave huge discounts for payment. It is now believed that the increasing dominance in this area of China will not only make India difficult in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean but also in the North-Eastern states. Due to this aggressive attitude of China, helping Myanmar remains a compulsion for India or else China can gain dominance here by helping.

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