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What are Para SF?

What Are Para Special Forces In Indian Army?

What are Para SF: Today we are telling about Para SF, Paratrooper Special Forces aka Para SF or better known as the Para-Commandos are the premier Indian Army Special Operations Unit trained for Unconventional Warfare, Asymmetric Warfare, Counter-Terrorism and Clandestine Roles.

It was the first Special Operations Unit raised in India on similar lines as the British Special Air Services ( SAS ) to give India a combat edge over its adversaries in Unconventional Warfare Capabilities especially when facing superior numbers or technology as these specialized men can perform jobs which is beyond the combat capabilities of Infantry or any other forces.

Established: in the year 1967

History :

Five Decades ago , Major Megh Singh raised an ad-hoc Commando Unit during 1965 Indo-Pak War to perform cross border operations to support Infantry Operations in the Northern Sector of Kashmir.

These small group of men known as “Meghdoot Force” performed brilliantly under the Command of Major Megh Singh and performed three cross-border operations. After the war ended , the small unit was reconstituted into a proper Commando Unit named 9 PARA Commando and was placed under Parachute Regiment of Indian Army.

In June 1967 , 9 PARA was divided into two separate units : 9 PARA and 10 PARA. 9 PARA was based at Kashmir while 10 PARA was based at the Western Sector.

Motto: Men Apart, Every Man an Emperor

Regimental Centre: Bangalore, Karnataka

Type: Special Forces

Involvement: PARA SF were involved in every theatre of war , India was involved in. PARA SF were also deployed along with Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka where they performed many clandestine and Special Operations to crack down on LTTE.

Battle Honours:

  • East Pakistan
  • OP Blue Star
  • OP Cactus
  • OP Pawan
  • OP Vijay
  • OP Rakshak
  • OP Khukri
  • COIN OP Sambha
  • OP Summer Storm
  • OP Hot Pursuit

PARA SF personnel’s bagged 23 Gallantry Awards this year which is enough to prove that PARA SF is the most experienced and combat-proven which is deployed in all battle scenarios from the hot combat zone of the Kashmir valley to battling militants in North East India. Gallant Actions of Major Sudhir Kumar Walia , Lance Naik

Mohan Nath Goswami , Captain Pawan Kumar , Major Mohit Sharma , Paratrooper Sanjog Chetri and many other Para SF personnel should be spread to instill a sense of bravery and patriotism among our younger generation.

Notable Alumni of Para Special Forces

  • Colonel Saurabh Singh Shekhawat, KC, SC, SM, VSM (21 PARA SF)
  • Colonel Santosh Mahadik, SC, SM
  • Colonel Ivan Joseph Crasto, KC (1 PARA SF)
  • Major Mohit Sharma, AC, SM (1 PARA SF)
  • Captain Pawan Kumar, SC (10 PARA SF)
  • Captain Tushar Mahajan, SC (9 PARA SF)
  • Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami, AC (9 PARA SF)
  • Paratrooper Sanjog Chhetri, AC (9 PARA SF)

Insignia: Maroon background with a Centaur holding a Bow and Arrow.

Beret Insignia: An open Parachute with Wings spread out and a Dagger placed upright, between the wings

The personnel also wear a ‘Balidaan’ Badge (The Badge of Sacrifice), which is a Winged Dagger.

Regimental Colours: Maroon and Sky Blue.

Battalion Specialization 

  • 1st Battalionthe Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) is the Strategic Reserve. (Red Devils) 
  • 9th Battalionthe Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) is for Mountain Warfare. (Pirates) 
  • 10th Battalionthe Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) is for Desert Warfare. (Desert Scorpions, The Mustafas of Desert Warfare) 

21st Battalion the Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) is for Jungle Warfare. (Head Hunters, Para Gorkhas) 

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