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improve yOUR english speaking skills for defence aspirants

How to improve english speaking skills for defence aspirants

There are many Defence aspirants who completed their studies from the Hindi medium. For them, it`s always necessary to improve English skills for SSB and enhance their selection chances.

Today, English is not only an important language for Defence services but also it’s a vital part of personal advancement. English speaking is more than a part of antiquates for a Defence officer. The main reason for using English is that during foreign tours (Exercises) it becomes easy for you to communicate with a team of other countries.

20 Tips to speak fluently and Confidently in English

  1. Always try to be a good listener when you are speaking in English. It will add strong impact on your opponents and help you reply with the best possible response to your queries.

  2. Initially try to speak simple English. Most of the speakers fumble when they try to use complex words.

  3. Believing yourself is important to encourage your inner soul and reach your Milestone.

  4. Listen, speak, find errors, and repeat. Follow this format until you find positive results from your English speaking.

  5. Read every day by speaking loudly. This will help you listen your own words and let you find the pitfalls.

  6. Maintain eye contact while speaking English .This will minimize your fear of making mistakes.

  7. Note new words in a diary and recall them everyday. This will add more flavour to your speaking English.

  8. Try to learn more and more commonly used sentences instead cramming new words.

  9. Always speak slowly. Speaking in a rush will always create multiple errors.

  10. Great leaders always speak calmly and politely, so follow the same rhythm while speaking English in front of the crowd. Learn English in the way they speak.

  11. Always try to speak in English, even with your family members .This will add daily English speaking to your daily routine.

  12. Never try to translate Hindi to English. Always speak in English following the common guidelines.

  13. Meet more and more people to get more ideas about English learning.

  14. Avoid working on your English accent until you find yourself good in English .Focus on speaking error-free English.

  15. Participate in English speaking competitions like Debate, Lecturette etc. Practice as much as you can to be proficient in speaking English and lead the group during SSB.

  16. Be confident while speaking in English. Your confidence will take you to next level and create impression on the interviewer.

  17. Always practice what you are going to orate. Speaking without well preparation can create mistakes.

  18. Practice in front of the mirror. Until and unless you face yourself, you can never face others, so always practice in front of the mirror maintain an eye to eye contact with yourself. It will become very easy to face the SSB group.

  19. Read more and more. The more you read the more you learn. Reading will always benefit you with ample knowledge that is priceless and will always grow your English speaking skills.

  20. Start writing your ideas. Make sure you can write your ideas and thoughts, learning more worthy when you use your learning.

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