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Uttarakhand Technical University To Offer Diploma To IMA Military Officers

Now the Indian Military Academy (IMA) military officers will also be able to take a diploma in military studies and defense management. This PG Diploma will be conducted by Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) to Indian officers. Till now UTU has been giving diplomas to the cadets of friendly countries only.

The proposed course of Military Studies and Defense Management Diploma has been assigned to UTU by IMA. The Board of Studies of the Academic Council of the University is studying this course technically.

Necessary improvements are being made in this. Now the process is in the final stage. A meeting of the Academic Council is proposed in early December, in which the Council is expected to approve the course. According to the university, IMA officers can start the course from January.

According to Dr. Nishant Saxena, co-ordinator of UTU’s Board of Studies, it will be a one-year PG diploma course. The diploma class will be in the IMA campus itself. The faculty will also belong to them. UTU will award this diploma to the university.

Apart from Indian officers, cadets of friendly countries will also be able to do this. There will be military law, cyber safety, geography and many important topics. Dr. Saxena said that many sensitive topics of course cannot be shared due to the secrecy of the IMA.

UTU is going to recognize a one-year Diploma in Military Studies and Defense Academy for IMA officers. The Academic Council of the University is expected to approve the diploma course soon. UTU is still giving six months diploma to allied cadets, but Indian officers are not able to participate in it. Now Indian officers will be able to participate in the new one-year PG diploma. It is a matter of pride for the University to join the IMA, the country’s top defense institution.

– NS Chaudhary, Vice-Chancellor, Uttarakhand Technical University

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