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Unmanned Machine Gun Prepared At MIET for Indian Army

An unmanned border security system has been prepared in collaboration with Meerut Institute of Engineering Technology (MIET) College for the day-to-day attacks on the country’s borders and for the safety of its soldiers. This device has been named Unmanned Solar Machine Gun.

According to the information, this system will face the terrorists keeping in mind the security of the soldiers posted on the border. It has been prepared in the Idea Innovation Lab of MIET Engineering College, Meerut. This is an electronic machine gun. No human is needed to run it. It can be used to face terrorists in a very sensitive border area. The sensor cameras in it can keep an eye on enemies from a distance. Apart from this, this unmanned gun is capable of alerting the soldiers when there is any kind of noise nearby and also capable of firing bullets on the enemies.

Young scientist Shyam Chaurasia, who prepared it, said that it has just been prototyped. Its range will be around 500 meters, which can also be increased further. This unmanned gun can be used both automatic and manual. It will work automatically on automatic mode, while on manual mode it will be able to be used by soldiers from internet or remote. Its most important thing is that this gun is charged from the solar panel and this system can work even if there is no sunlight for many months. With the help of this, there will be no loss of life and property of our soldiers in a face-to-face fight with terrorists.

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Shyam said that with the help of remote and internet, our soldiers can use this gun to open fire on the terrorists while keeping themselves safe without being in the sight of the enemy. There are three parts to this system. All three keep in touch with each other with the help of wireless technology. As soon as someone tries to cross the border or there is any movement in the range of their sensor, it will send an alert to the solar gun, which will activate the machine gun in that border area and start firing at the target.

About Rs 25000 has been spent to make the first prototype of this device. This device will be able to target enemies by rotating in 360 degrees. Its weight is 40 kg in the prototype. Long range motion sensor camera, sensor trigger, metal pipe, transmitter receiver, night vision sensor, 12 volt solar plate, GSM alarm, 6 volt battery have been used to make this device.

MIET Vice Chairman Puneet Aggarwal said that the Atal Community Innovation Center of the college has an Idea Innovation Research Lab, in which our students, together with innovators, solve different types of problems of the country through their innovative innovations and innovations. . He told that one of the young scientists has invented an unmanned solar machine gun, which can prove to be very useful for the soldiers of our country. This scientist has made many other similar ones, which can prove to be effective for the army in the coming times.

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