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“No change is allowed on LAC” : CDS Bipin Rawat Warns China

The 8th meeting of the Corps Commander Surface is being held in Chushul today to reduce Hindustan-China in Ladakh from last 7 months. Meanwhile, India gave a strict warning to China, saying that the LAC will not accept any change. Even if China tried to do something impudently, India would not hesitate to take any step to protect its land.

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said that there is constant tension on the LAC and negotiations are going on between the army of the two countries. He said that China has no idea of ​​India’s response. If the Chinese army tried to do any kind of stealth in Ladakh, then the Indian army will not back down from teaching it a lesson.

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CDS further said that the country will have to fight a war on social media also in Mustakbil. This will be a nafsati (psychological) war, in which there will be an attempt to attack another country in a proper way. We are seeing some glimpses of this war these days. He said that our defence industry will strengthen in the coming years. With this, not only will the defy power (defence power) of the country be very strong, but the army will also continue to get the most (modern) weapon, the Muslim Muslims.

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