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Indian Soldiers posted in East Ladakh get special clothes for tackling Chinese army

The Indian Army has strengthened its troops amidst the ongoing deadlock with China along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Clothes have been imported from the US for Indian troops stationed along the border with a shivering winter in eastern Ladakh. Now, even in the shivering cold, the soldiers of the Indian Army will fight with the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army.

A photo released on Wednesday by defense sources showed a soldier of the Indian Army wearing a white dress with the SIG Sawyer Assault Rifle recently found by the Army. The Army is providing troops with new hideouts and clothing to help them overcome the winters during deployment to the China border. The report said that on Tuesday, the Indian Army received its first batch of extremely cold weather clothing from the US.

Sources said that the Indian Army has kept a stock of 60,000 of these hot winter weather sets for the troops deployed in the entire Ladakh region, including the western fronts in the Siachen and East Ladakh region. This year, these sets required an additional 30,000, as around 90,000 troops are stationed in the region to counter Chinese aggression on the LAC.

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The eighth round of talks between the military commanders of the two countries will be held in Chushul on 6 November, during the ongoing tension between India and China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). In the previous seven rounds of negotiations, it was agreed to resolve the points of confrontation, but their implementation at the ground level is not yet done.

Army sources have confirmed the eighth round of meeting to be held on November 6. The meeting is expected to resolve the ongoing tension on LAC. The two countries agree on other issues, including restoring the situation before May, to reduce tensions, but this is delayed. India will be represented in this meeting by the Corps Commander of the 14th Corp Lt Gen PGK Menon. He has recently led the carp. Foreign Ministry officials of both the countries are also expected to be present in the meeting. The seventh round of meeting was held in Chushul on October 12 last month.

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