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Indian Army To Wait For Creation Of Theater Commands For Next 2-3 Years

Though the process of restructuring of forces has been initiated at several levels, there is a huge delay in the creation of Theater Command. Government sources said that it may take two-three years for the theater command to take shape. Whereas in the past it was expected that the Maritime Theater Command would be formed early this year and then the Air Defense Command. But it is clear that no theater command will be able to take shape before 2024.

Government sources said on Wednesday that there will be two ground earners. These will be Western Theater Command and Eastern Theater Command. While there will be a Marine Command and an Air Defense Command. The Northern Command was also discussed in the past. But now only two ground commands have been agreed.

Sources said that their organizational set-up for the formation of Theater Command has been prepared. For its implementation, the process of discussion is going on at many levels. In this process the integration of all the three forces has to be done, hence the process is complicated.

This work is not going to happen very soon. The process of preparing the structure of each theater command, setting up its headquarters, deciding its commander, deputy commander is a long process. Secondly, this work is to be done in continuation of the existing operational tasks of the three Services. So it will take two to three years for the theater command to take shape.

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Heated Discussion On Headquarters

Government sources said that a final decision has not yet been taken on where the headquarters of the theater commands will be built. The effort is to select one from where the headquarters of the military commands are presently located. So that there is no need to mobilize resources again. For example, talks are on to make Jaipur the headquarters of the Western Command.

Similarly, the headquarters of Eastern Theater Command can be either Kolkata or Lucknow. The Navy has found Karwar better for the maritime command, although the option of Kochi is also being discussed. Similarly, the decision has to be taken on any one of the three locations Jodhpur, Gandhinagar and Prayagraj for Air Defense Command.

Old earnings will not end immediately

Government sources said that the existing 17 commands will be replaced by four theater commands. But the existing 17 commands will not be abolished immediately. The role of Theater Command will be operational. Therefore the old command will continue its administrative and other logistic work. Once the Theater Command is established, the functions of all the 17 Commands will be adjusted in a phased manner.

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