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India will join Russia and Iran for two-day naval exercise

India has joined the two-day naval exercise of Iran and Russia, which has been named as ‘Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt 2021’. This naval exercise is taking place in the northern part of the Indian Ocean.

The forces and ships of the Iranian Army and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – Naval Divisions of the IRGC participated in the drill, which began on February 16, 2021, with several Russian Army ships.

The spokesman of this drill, Gholamreja Tahni, stated that, the Indian Navy has also joined this naval exercise with a select group of ships.

He further said that the exercises Iran has done with Russia are so flexible that if many other countries want to do so, then those countries can also join this naval exercise. Meanwhile, the commander of the Iranian army, Hossein Khanzadi, said that the Chinese army would also participate in this naval exercise.

This drill will cover an area of ​​17,000 sq km. The drill will further include air targets, sea shootings, freeing hijacked ships as well as rescue and search and anti-piracy operations.

In a commentary on this naval exercise, Hossein Khanzadi said that, this practice means that, the global conceit which had dominated the region till date, should realize that they must leave it now.