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India Readies Varunastra Torpedo For Naval War Against China

It will not be easy for Chinese submarines to plunge the conspiracy into the depths of the Indian Ocean. Now, taking care of the intruding stealth in the sea area of ​​India, the dragon’s heart will be beaten. Now, hiding under the depth of four hundred meters under sea level, China’s stealth submarine fleet will not survive, because the Navy of India has got Varunastra.

In mythology, Varunastra means the weapon of the god of water, Varuna, whose death is impossible to escape in water, which once touched by his quiver, then the enemy will not stop without killing him.

Hindustan gave the name Varunastra to its state-of-the-art torpedo, which is the only torpedo in the world equipped with GPS capability. Torpedo means being equipped with GPS … Guaranteed to foil enemy seaplanes and submarines by evading every attempt.

Through the Varunastra equipped with the GPS system, India has achieved the great might in the sea battle, which even China, which has the world’s largest navy, has not achieved.

Varunastra strikes at a rapid speed of 74 kmph. In this case, Varunastra is counted after the state-of-the-art torpedo MK 48 ADCAP and Italy’s great torpedo WASS Black Shark.

Within a radius of forty kilometres, it is impossible to avoid it. Three transducers specially engaged in it make it very special for the submarine attack. It can destroy all the enemy’s marines underwater

The ability to attack the submarine from both the top and bottom makes it extremely special. Water vessels floating on the surface can provide water tomb with their blows. The biggest thing is that Varunastra has been a hundred percent successful in every test. Varunastra has made India the eighth country in the world, which has its own torpedo power.

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