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India Army’s 89 app ban completely successful

Banning the use of a total of 89 smartphone apps (applications), including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. on behalf of the Indian Army by its soldiers and officers has been completely successful. Only eight military officers in the army of nearly 1.3 million soldiers have been found violating these restrictions. At least 730 military officers were tasked to implement this ban, which came into force from July 15 last year.

Sources said that these strict steps have been taken in the fear of leaking digital data and sensitive information by getting stuck in Facebook’s honeytrap. Only five years ago, security forces like the general public had the same access to the Internet and Internet media as everyone.

Among these banned mobile apps, there are 59 Chinese restricted apps, which the Indian government has banned for the use of the general public. But the army has taken strict steps to protect sensitive knowledge of its soldiers and military activities from the hands of enemies. That’s why the Indian Army also has WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Ella, Snapchat, PUBG, Messenger, Reddit, Trocolor, Anti-Virus 360 Security, Tinder, Tumblr, Hungama, Songs.PK, Cam Scanner, OK Cupid, Daily Hunt and more. Has been banned.

It should be noted that the Indian Army had completely banned the use of troops on a total of 89 mobile apps, including Facebook, Instagram, PUBG and True-Caller, from July 15 last year amid the ongoing escalation from China. Of these, there are 59 Chinese apps which have been banned by the central government all over the country a few months ago. Until sometime before July 15, the verification of the mobile phones of all the soldiers was done to know whether they had removed the applications from the phone or not.