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First Swadeshi Air To Air Missile ‘Astra’ To Be Tested From Tejas

The country’s first indigenous missile ‘Astra’, which is capable of hitting air to air and four times faster than sound, will soon be tested with indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas. Indeed, India is steadily increasing its military strength amid increasing tension with China on the Ladakh border. In view of this, fighter jets of the Indian Army are being equipped with missiles. In view of this, Rafael is also continuously being asked from France and they are being deployed on the border.

Ground trial completed

According to sources, the air-to-air missile ‘Astra’ is 4 times faster than the speed of sound. As of now, it has been linked to Tejas and his ground trial has been completed. According to sources, flight trials of indigenous missile ‘Astra’ and indigenous fighter jet Tejas will be done in the next few months.

The range of ‘Astra’ is 100 km

Explain that the ‘Astra’ missile has been prepared by the Defense Research and Development Organization, DRDO. Built with indigenous technology, this missile is capable of accurate attack in any weather. It can easily kill an enemy up to 100 kilometres away. The thing to note is that the size of the ‘Astra’ missile is much smaller than the rest of the missiles and the weight is also very less. The ‘Astra’ is about 3.8 meters long and 7 inches wide. It weighs only 154 kg.

According to the information, DRDO has started planning to test the second version of the weapon Mark-2 with a range of 160 km in the first half of 2021 next year. Sources claim that DRDO is also producing ‘Astra’ missile with a range of 350 km. It will be named ‘Astra’ mark-3.

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