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Ex-servicemen will be recruited in paramilitary forces, new beginning is being done from CISF

Paramilitary Force Ex-serviceman CISF Vacancies: Better employment opportunities in paramilitary forces are going to open for ex-servicemen who have retired from the Indian Army. This special scheme of the Ministry of Home Affairs has been started from CISF.

Under the scheme, CISF is recruiting ex-servicemen for the posts of sub-inspector, assistant sub-inspector, head constable and constable. About 1200 ex-servicemen are being recruited in the first phase of this scheme. At the end of the year, the second phase of recruitment will start, under which about 800 posts of ex-servicemen will be recruited.

The benefits of these CISF recruitments will be available to only those applicants who have retired from the army. Such applicants, who are currently serving in the army and are going to retire soon, will not be able to get the benefit of these recruitments.

Apart from this, all the ex-servicemen who are selected in the first phase will be placed in power units in different cities of the country. After deployment, the work of these ex-servicemen will be reviewed for the next six months. During the review, if the work of these ex-employees is found satisfactory, then the next stage of recruitment will be started.

Under the ambitious plan of the Ministry of Home Affairs, preparations are being made to divide the entire security system of CISF into core and non-core areas. Under the plan, specially trained personnel and officers of CISF will be deployed in the core area.

Apart from this, there will be deployment of ex-servicemen recruited in non core areas. Initially, ex-servicemen will be deployed along with trained CISF personnel, so that they can be made aware of the sensitivity and behavior of the work. With time lag, the non core area will be handed over to the ex-servicemen.

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If this scheme of the Ministry of Home Affairs is successful, then huge opportunities will be available for ex-servicemen in CISF. In fact, for the past few years, the management of units coming under CISF’s security has been expressing concern about the rising cost of security.

Since then, the Ministry of Home Affairs was considering dividing the security of CISF into core and non-core. Now the idea has started to be implemented. Whose, the biggest benefit of which is going to be given to the ex-servicemen at the moment. At present, CISF is preparing to deploy ex-servicemen in all other units except airport and vulnerable units.

Under the scheme, a two-year contract will be done with the ex-servicemen initially recruited in the CISF. After two years, their work will be reviewed.

If everything is found to be fine in the review, then their contract will be renewed again. Apart from this, barrack facility will also be made available to the ex-servicemen in the duty unit. While serving in CISF, ex-servicemen will also be entitled to get all the benefits they would get after retirement from the Indian Army.

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