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DRDO Succesfully Tests 5.56×30 mm Protective Carbine

The strength of the Indian Army is continuously increasing. The DRDO-designed 5.56×30 mm Protective Carbine has been successfully tested. In this test on Monday, the weapon entered the last round of trials.

The information has been received from the Ministry of Defense on Thursday. According to the Ministry of Defense, it had entered the final, having survived the extreme temperatures in summer and at high altitude tests in winter. The route to join the services of this gun is now open.

According to the information, the 5.56×30 mm Protective Carbine designed by DRDO has successfully entered the final stage of trials on December 7, meeting all the criteria. This carbine is made under joint venture

It has met the stringent performance criteria of reliability and accuracy. DRDO had successfully tested communication through Quantum Key Distribution, QKD technology.

This carbine is designed by DRDO’s Pune-based Lab Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE) based on the Indian Army’s GSQR. The special thing is that this weapon has already successfully completed the MHA trials.

DRDO did this test of communication between its two laboratories on Wednesday. Indeed, secure communication is important around the world for defence and strategic agencies. Quantum-based communication is considered extremely secure. This does not risk leaking information.