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Donald Trump removed Defense Minister Mark Esper from the post after the election defeat

The defeat of US President Donald Trump in the election has fallen on Defense Minister Mark Asper. Trump has removed him from the post. Trump said in a tweet that Christopher Miller, director of the National Counter Terrorism Center, is made interim defense minister with immediate effect. Significantly, the relationship between Trump and Asper has been sour for a long time.

After the election defeat, US President Donald Trump is under increasing pressure to cooperate with the country’s elected president Joe Mabiden’s team to ensure a smooth transfer of power when the new administration takes office in January. The General Services Administrator (GSA) has the responsibility of formally recognizing Biden as the elected president. After this, the process of transfer of power will start. The agency’s administrator, Emily Murphy, has not yet begun the process, nor has she been told when she will do so. Emily was appointed by Trump.

Lack of clarity in the matter has raised questions that Trump, who is yet to accept defeat and accuses him of irregularities in the election, may stall the Democratic Party’s attempt to form the government. “America’s national security and its economic interests depend on whether the federal government gives a clear and quick indication that it will respect the will of the American people, and peace and ease of power,” Biden’s power transfer aide Jane Psaki said Sunday. Will cooperate in the transfer.

A bipartisan group, which has been involved in the last three tenures in the White House, has also appealed to Trump to “immediately pursue the process of transfer of power after the election”. The Center for Presidential Transition Advisory Board said in a statement that it was a hard-fought election, but history is replete with examples of presidents who helped their successors with dignity after the election results.

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