Chinese Air Force exercises near Eastern Ladakh, Indian Army on alert mode

Tension has been going on between India and China in eastern Ladakh for more than a year. After several rounds of talks between the two countries, the forces withdrew and the tension eased slightly. Although not relying on the dragon, the Indian Army is ready to face any situation. Meanwhile, China has once again started provocation. According to the news of the news agency ANI, the Chinese Air Force has recently conducted a major air exercise from its air bases near Eastern Ladakh.

About two dozen Chinese fighter planes have exercised in front of Eastern Ladakh. Since then, the Indian Army is on alert mode and is keeping a close watch on the activities of China.

Defence sources say that about 21-22 Chinese fighter jets took part in this exercise of the Chinese army. These mainly included the J-11. Apart from this, J-16 aircraft were also seen flying. Sources say that the Indian Army is also fully alert and keeping a close watch on the antics of China. Let us tell you that in view of the antics of China, the Indian Army has deployed a large number of soldiers and fighter aircraft on the border since last year. According to sources, Chinese fighter aircraft were in their range during this exercise.

Sources say that even though China has withdrawn its army from the Pangong Lake area, it has not removed its air defence systems, including HQ-9 and HQ-16, from there. It can target aircraft at long distances. India has closely observed the activities of the Chinese Air Force, including airfields at Hotan, Gar Gunsa, Kashghar, Hoping, Linzhi and Pangut airbases in Xinjiang and the Tibet region.

The movements of Chinese fighter jets took place from its bases, including Hotan, Gar Gunsa and Kashgar airfields. These bases have recently been made to operate all types of fighter aircraft and hide the number of soldiers present at the airports.