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Bangalore’s Gnani.ai prepares automatic speech recognition system for Army

A firm named Gnani.ai from Bangalore has now introduced a speech recognition system that will prove to be the biggest solution to the language problem on the country’s borders.  The same firm has given Artificial Intelligence to the Indian Army last year which is being used by the Indian Armed Forces on the western and eastern borders.

The new Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), developed by Gnani.ai, specializes in machine translation and speech-to-text system translation into Mandarin. Explain that Mandarin is the Chinese language. The firm designed the system specifically for the armed forces, intelligence agencies, and local law enforcement officers to make it easier for them to negotiate at the border.

Gnani.ai has tested more than 8,000 hours of audio data in the Mandarin language to develop these systems. These data have been used to trend the machine. This information has been given by Anant Nagaraj, co-founder of Gnani.ai.

The system will be used in cross border intelligence, voice surveillance, monitoring telephone/internet communication, radio/satellite communication and border meetings. The firm says that its system has the feature of detecting noise reduction, accent etc. Apart from this, it has the support of all types of audio file formats.

According to Anant Nagaraj, with the help of the Artificial Intelligence System developed by him, the army decodes the code word used by the terrorists and the enemy army. Codes like potato and gobi are also inbuilt in the system, which terrorists usually use for grenades. The army decodes millions of such codes in minutes.

According to Nagaraj, the Army does not have as much proficiency in the Mandarin language as it should have, so they have designed a new speed recognition system. Mandarin is used in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. He told that he has a team of 50 people who work on Artificial Intelligence.

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