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Armed Forces Joint Exercise In Kashmir

Armed Forces Joint Exercise : Be it Pakistan or China, if anyone dares to repeat Kargil or Galvan on the Line of Control (LOC) or Line of Actual Control (LAC) under the cover of snowfall in winter, then he will have to face it. Special squads of the Army, Air Force and Navy, carrying a female keeper to kill the enemy by entering her house, on Tuesday tested their offensive capability while conducting a joint military exercise amidst the snow-capped peaks of Gulmarg, located at an altitude of about 9,000 feet above sea level. . From drones and UAVs to enemy missiles, there was also an exercise to destroy its information system and break into its control room.


This military exercise in Gulmarg was completely different from the normal exercise. The exercise focused on commando action to destroy enemy fronts from behind by going inside enemy territory in case of war. During the war, the preparations for the entire operation of landing their fighters safely in enemy territory, bringing them from there, unloading the necessary equipment were tested through helicopter.


During this, a special squad of soldiers of the Army’s Chinar Corps, Air Force Commands and Helicopters, Navy’s Marquess squad did a complete drill to thwart enemy designs and destroy their positions amidst the snow.


Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Emran Mousavi said that during this joint exercise, the three wings of the army prepared a joint strategy to strike the enemy and executed it, using their resources and successfully carrying out the assigned mission. Worked on composition. Along with this, the practice of landing its soldiers in its area to strike the enemy from behind has been practiced. Amidst enemy fire, its ability to evacuate its soldiers from enemy territory and deliver necessary equipment to the front fronts while avoiding enemy radars has also been tested.

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