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World’s tallest sand castle built in Denmark

The world’s tallest sand castle/fort built in Denmark has now set a new Guinness World Record. This 21.6-metre-high (69.4 ft) sand-castle is 3.5 meters taller than a sand castle built in Germany in the year 2019, which held the previous world record of 17.66 meters in height.

This sand castle is built from 4,860 tons of sand in the small seaside town of Blokhs. This city is located in North Jutland, Denmark. The city was originally named Hun Hvar. Reportedly, the city receives about 01 million visitors per year.

The world’s tallest sand castle in Denmark is 21.6 meters high (69.4 ft) and is made of 4,860 tons of sand. This sand castle is 3.5 meters higher than the sand-castle built in Germany in the year 2019.

Under the guidance of Dutch artist Wilfried Steijer, 30 of the world’s best sand sculptors were involved in the construction of the world’s tallest sand castle.

Steiger wanted this sand castle to be built with the aim of representing the power of the corona virus around the world. Therefore, he has placed a crown over this sand-castle.