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WHO Approves Emergency Use of Pfizer’s Corona Vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) has allowed the emergency use of Pfizer and Bioentech’s Corona virus vaccine. After the outbreak of the corona epidemic, a vaccine has been recognized for the first time by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This decision of WHO has opened the way for countries around the world to use the vaccine. Please tell that Pfizer’s vaccine is already in use in many countries. After the approval, the WHO said that it would talk to the countries there about the benefits of this vaccine through its regional offices located around the world.

The World Health Organization’s approval of Pfizer’s vaccine means that now poorer countries may soon get corona supplements already available in Europe and North America. Actually, every country has its own drug regulatory agency, which will use it only after giving its approval for any corona vaccine.

The WHO said in a statement that the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine is the first vaccine that the organization has allowed to use emergency after the corona epidemic. WHO assistant director Mariangela Simao said that this is a very positive step towards ensuring the global reach of the coronavirus vaccine.

The WHO said after reviewing the Pfizer vaccine that it must meet the criteria for safety and efficacy. After taking two doses of this vaccine, the probability of death from corona also decreases.