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What is India H2 Alliance (IH2A)?

NEW DELHI: The India H2 Alliance is a new coalition formed by major energy and industrial companies from around the world. Reliance Industries and Chart Industries took the initiative to create the alliance. The India H2 Alliance (IH2A) is primarily concerned with the commercialization of hydrogen technologies. It will work to improve India’s hydrogen economy and supply chain.

H2 Alliance in India: The IH2 alliance will primarily target industrial clusters such as refineries, steel, cement, fertiliser, ports and logistics, and heavy-duty transportation use cases. It will also provide requirements for the storage and transportation of pressurised and liquefied hydrogen.

The primary goals of IH2A are as follows: To develop India’s hydrogen economy and supply chain. To aid in the development of blue and green hydrogen production and storage. Increase hydrogen-powered fuel cell-based transportation by constructing hydrogen-use industrial clusters.

What are India H2 Alliance’s key projects? The India H2 Alliance will collaborate closely with the Indian government on the following initiatives.

To develop National Hydrogen Policy and roadmap 2021-30.

To create National H2 Task Force and Mission in a PPP model

To identify National Large H2 Demonstration Stage Projects

To create a National India H2 Fund

To build a reliable hydrogen-linked capability. Development, delivery, storage, industrial use-cases, standards, and transportation use-cases are all included. What is Blue Hydrogen, and how does it work? Natural gas is divided into carbon dioxide and hydrogen, resulting in blue hydrogen. Steam Methane Reforming or Autothermal Reforming are used to accomplish this. What is Green Hydrogen, and how does it work? Green hydrogen is generated using non-fossil fuels.