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What is Delta Plus variant of Corona ?

Corona virus is constantly changing its form. Now a new variant of this virus has been found. Scientists have named it Delta Plus or AY.1. Scientists say that there is no need for India to be immediately afraid of this new variant, because there are not many cases of delta variant in the country.

Scientists say that recently a monoclonal antibody cocktail has been recognized for treatment against this new variant in India. This drug is believed to be effective against this new variant. However, there is no evidence of this new form of corona virus being more contagious.

The Delta Plus variant is caused by a mutation in the delta or ‘B1.617.2’ variant of the corona virus, which was first identified in India. However, there is no indication yet of how deadly the disease can be due to the new type of virus. Delta Plus is an antifungal treatment approved recently in India by a ‘Monoclonal Antibody Cocktail’ treatment.

Monoclonal Antibodies Cocktail is a drug used in the treatment of corona. However, it is treated only when the patient’s condition is at a very critical stage. This drug is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Cipla and Roche India.