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Tokyo Paralympics 2020 : India Finishes at 24th Position With Record 19 Medals

After the conclusion of the Tokyo Paralympics 2020, China topped the medal tally with a total of 207 medals, including 96 gold. Great Britain came second with 41 gold while the US stood third with 37 gold and the Paralympic Committee of Russia came fourth with 36 gold. India finished 24th with 5 gold medals.

From the point of view of India, this time Paralympics has become memorable in many ways. This time India not only broke its all-time record but also made a historic performance in terms of number of medals. India got a total of 19 medals including a record five gold medals this time. India had earlier won a total of 12 medals in all Paralympic Games since 1972.

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In Tokyo Paralympics 2020, India finished 24th in the medal tally, which is its best performance till date. This time India has won eight medals in athletics, five in shooting, four in badminton, one in table tennis and one in archery. With this, India got five gold, eight silver and six bronze medals.

China topped the medal tally with 207 medals (96 gold, 60 silver and 51 bronze). While the second and third places are followed by Great Britain (41 gold, 38 silver and 45 bronze, totaling 124 medals) and America (37 gold, 36 silver and 31 bronze, totaling 104 medals).

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