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Scientists made world’s smallest memory device

Researchers have created the world’s smallest memory device. This development could lead to the manufacture of faster, smaller and more energy-efficient electronic chips for consumer electronics and brain-inspired computing.

Researchers have also discovered material science that unlocks deep memory storage capabilities for these small devices. This research was recently published in a journal called ‘Nature Nanotechnology’. Its researchers are from the University of Texas, Austin.

Scientists have reduced the size of the smallest and thinnest memory storage device by shrinking the cross-section area to just one square nanometer.

According to the researchers, they have been able to make this device very small and thin, by discovering the materials science that packs maximum memory storage capacity in these devices.

He said that the ultrasmall holes present in this material have helped in creating high-density memory storage capacity. The researchers used compound molybdenum disulfide as the primary manometry in their study, also known as MoS2.

They believe that this finding may also apply to hundreds of related thin nuclear materials. Researchers have stated that, smaller processors enable manufacturers to make more compact computers and phones.

He also said that, by reducing the size of these chips, their energy-demand decreases and efficiency is also increased.
This means that faster and smarter devices use less energy to operate.

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