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Joint Military Exercises in 2019

India is the 4th most powerful country related to military strength. Defence forces  participate in various joint military exercise to enhance the operational ability and communication  between different forces of different countries.

It is an exercise of using the resources in training and exploring the effects of war or test strategies to prepare for actual combat. It is very necessary to keep all three force into coordination i.e. (Airforce, Navy, Army)

These are conducted on national and international level . Recently the national exercise completed in mountainous areas.

Importance and benefits of the joint military exercises-

  • The military trains how to deal with the unfavourable  situations, against terrorism in different areas like (rural, urban, fores, mountains etc.) because it is difficult in mountains for the soldiers to fight.
  • Weapons used in the defence forces have been tested .
  • It is a battlefield before battle.
  • The  importance of joint exercise is to trained and test the soldiers .
  • How they perform together as a team .

Another benefits of Joint exercise- 

  • They coordinate with friendly foreign countries.
  • This exercise also teaches how to keep co-ordination between three force Army, Navy and Airforce.
  • Another significance of this exercise is to trains them, how they tackle how they manage,  what strategies they apply in the battlefield.
  • It helps military to trains themselves for Humanitarian relief in case of Natural Calamity or Disaster.

Consider the following lists of different exercise below.
Example of exercises

  • Army- Nomadic-Elephant-XIV ,Surya Kiran, Yudh Abhyas, Vajra Prahar, Imbex 2018-19, Garuda Shakti, and  Ekuverin 2019, Indra are some of the example of  joint exercise  of  Army.
  •  Navy- Indra Navy , Varuna, Slinex , Konkan and Simbex 2019 are the some of example of Joint exercise of Navy
  • Airforce – Garuda, Indradhanush,and Aviaindra are some of the example of exercises of Airforce.

However important for the general awareness topic for exams, like NDA, CDS  and  Airforce .

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