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India ranked 95th by Global Gender Equality

Global Gender Equality index was released on 4th June.In this index India is ranked 95th out of the 129 countries . Denmark is ranked first in this list while Chad is at the bottom. Global Gender Equality index are analyse on the basis of different aspects like , health, nutrition, hunger energy , infrastructure innovation  climate .

India score highest in heath sector which is around (79.9), , hunger and nutriton (76.2)and in energy sector i.e. (71.8).

On the contrary to this India also scores lowest in the field of participation (18.3), industry, infrastructure and innovation (38.1) and climate (43.4).

The top 10  countries are : Denmark (1), Finland (2), Sweden (3), Norway (4), Netherlands (5), Slovenia (6), Germany (7), Canada (8), Ireland (9), and Australia…

The most bottom 10 countriesare : Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Yemen, Congo, DR Congo and Chad….

  • India is at the bottom of the Asia and Pacific region. It  is placed at 17th position in 23 countries of Asia and Pacific. Denmark has ranked first in the index and Chad is ranked at 129th position, China is at 74th position, Pakistan is 113th while Nepal is 102 and Bangladesh is 110th.
  • This index assesses aspects of poverty, health, education, literacy, political representation and equality on the workplace.
  • This is a joint effort of regional and global organizations including the African Women Development and Communication Network, Asia Pacific Resource and Research Center for Women, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, International Women’s Health Coalition
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