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India Needs to Grow its Digital Workforce 9 Times by 2025: AWS Report

NEW DELHI: “Digital skills are rapidly becoming the nerve center of all actions by employees to perform their tasks efficiently. Covid-19 has set the ball rolling for complete digitization and accelerated the pace by which organisations and employees are adapting to changed circumstances and acquiring digital skills. Infact obtaining and utilizing digital skills are fast becoming the need of the hour,” claim findings of a report by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on India’s digital skilled workforce.

The report further claims that at present India possesses only 12 percent of employees with proper digital skills and to meet the growing challenges the number needs to grow exponentially by nine times till 2025. Moreover, India requires a total of 3.9 billion digital skill sessions, over the next five years. The report was published after surveying digital workers across India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and South Korea.

The report states that the top five digital skills in-demand in India include – cloud architecture design; software operations support website; game, or software development; large-scale data modeling, and cybersecurity skills. To cope with the rising challenges, Indian companies need varied policy approach to meet their preferences, needs, priorities, and challenges.