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India At 10th Spot In Climate Change Performance Index 2020

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The following are four evaluation categories:

GHG emissions (40%)
Renewable energy (20%)
Energy use (20%)
Climate Policy (20%).

Main characteristics

• India has been ranked 10th in the Climate Change Performance Index, 2021. India was ranked 9th in this index last year, while now it has dropped one place.

• Only two G20 countries – UK and India – are among the high ranker countries in CCPI, 2021, covering the year 2020.

• The other six G20 countries including the US, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Australia and Saudi Arabia are ranked at the bottom of the index.

• While the US is ranked 61, Saudi Arabia is ranked 60, Iran is at 59, Canada is at 58, Australia is at 54 and Russia is at 52.

• China, which is the largest current emitter of greenhouse gases, is ranked 33rd in the CCPI, 2021 report.

Despite performing well on this annual CCPI report, no country would have fulfilled the Paris Agreement’s commitment to limit temperature rise to 1.5 ° C and to keep global temperature rise below 2 ° C by the end of this century. Not shown

India has received high ratings in all CCPI categories, except renewable energy, India’s performance in the renewable energy sector was moderate.

India performed moderate and high for its existing shares of renewable energy supply and growth of renewable energy supply respectively last year.
According to experts, India’s high rating can be attributed to the contribution of India’s policy framework.

Experts, however, have identified a need for long-term planning.
These CCPI results indicate a similar need for their conformance with a streamlined medium below −2 ° C.

The Climate Change Performance Index has been prepared by the Not-for-Profit Organization Germanwacht and the Nucleite Institute (Germany) in conjunction with Climate Action Network (CAN International).

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