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ICC’s big decision, no players under 15 years old allowed to play International cricket now

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has made a major announcement regarding international cricket on 19 November 2020. The ICC Board has introduced a minimum age policy for players to play international cricket. According to him, the cricketer must be at least 15 years old to play the game globally.

The ICC Board has made this rule keeping in mind the safety of the players. The board gave information about this. This age-related limit will apply to all types of cricket including ICC tournaments, bilateral cricket and under-19 cricket. The ICC said in a statement that for men to play in any format, women or U19 international cricket players must now have a minimum age of 15 years.

The ICC said in a statement that in the event of an exception, the member board can appeal to the ICC for approval to play players below 15 years. It will take care of the player’s playing experience, mental development and how he will be able to withstand the pressure of international cricket.

Although a member board can ask the ICC for permission to play players below 15 years of age, but that player should be able to compete with the experience and mental development of the game.

There was no restriction on the age of any cricketer to play any form of international cricket. Please tell that in international cricket, Hasan Raza of Pakistan played his first match at the age of 14 years and 227 days. He is the youngest player to debut.

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