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Ibrahmin Raisi

Ibrahmin Raisi Becomes New Iran President

Iran’s ultra-conservative cleric and judiciary chief Ibrahim Raisi has been elected as the country’s eighth president. The country’s Home Ministry had confirmed this on June 19, 2021.

The ministry has confirmed that Ibrahim Raisi won 61.95 percent of the votes during the recent presidential elections. The total voter turnout in these elections was 48.8 percent, which is the lowest voter turnout for a presidential election since the 1979 revolution.

Ibrahim Raisi will take over as Iran’s president in early August, replacing moderate President Hassan Rouhani. Current President Hassan Rouhani, after Raisi’s victory, also congratulated the people for their choice.

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Key Highlights

  • Raisi got 28,933,004 votes, while former Revolutionary Guard Commander Mohsin Rezai came third with 3,412,712 votes.
  • He was followed by moderate candidate Abdulnaswar Hemmati with 2,427,201 votes and conservative Amir Hussain Ghazizadeh Hashmi with only 999,718 votes.
  • Finished second in the presidential race with 3,726,870 void votes.
  • Mohsin Rezai, Abdolnasar Hemmati and Amir Hussain Ghazizadeh Hashmi had accepted their defeat before the announcement of this victory of Raisi.