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Majority win predicted for BJP-led NDA
Exit polls 2019 predicts BJP as majority winner. In most of the states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttarakhand BJP will win in majority. NDA has secured clear majority in exit poll for 2019 Lok Sabha election results.

What is exit poll?

Exit polls are voters’ opinion taken post-voting. It is taken just after voter walks out of polling booth. Accuracy of exit poll always remains a subject of uncertainty. Exit polls provide a rough idea of voters’ nature and basic step to predict results of election.


Total seats 542, BJP – 350, Congress – 95, Others – 97.

Party Name 2014 Actual Result Exit poll 2019

BJP 282 300± 14

Congress 44 55 ± 14

NDA 336 350 ± 9

UPA 60 95 ± 9

Others 147 97 ± 11

In West Bengal, (Total seats 42) BJP would get 18 while TMC will get 23, Congress 1 and Left will get 0 seats.
In Uttar Pradesh (UP),(Total seats 80) BJP would win 65 seats, SP+BSP+RLD may get 13 while Congress can get 2 seats only.
In Punjab, BJP and Congress has a tough fight. NDA will win 6 seats, Congress 6 seats and AAP will get 1 seat
In Odisha, Congress won’t get any seat while BJP will get 14 seats and BJD will get only 7 seats.
In Jharkhand, NDA would fetch 10 seats while UPA will get 4 seats only.
In Bihar, BJP+JDU will get 32 seats while Congress+RJD will win 8 seats.
In Maharashtra BJP+Shiv Sena would get 38 seats, Congress+NCP will get 10 seats while others won’t get any seat.
In Himachal Pradesh, BJP may win all 4 seats while Congress will not get any seat.
In Telangana TRS will get 14 seats while Congress will win 1 seat and BJP will also get 1 seat.
In Assam (total 14 seats), BJP can win 10 seats, Congress 3 while others can get 1 seat.
In Andhra Pradesh (total 25 seats), TDP may win 17 seats while YSR can get 8 seats.
Karnataka has total 28 seats, BJP will win 23 seats while Congress can secure 5 seats.
All 25 Lok Sabha seats of Rajasthan will win by BJP while Congress will not be able to get any seat.
In Tamil Nadu BJP and AIADMK may get 6 seats while Congress and DMK will get 31 seats however others will win 1 seat.
Out of 29 seat of Madhya Pradesh BJP will get 27 seats while Congress will win only 2 seats.
In Uttarakhand BJP is winning all 5 seats while Congress can win 1 or 0 seats.
In Kerala, Congress will get 16 seats while others will win 4 seats. However no seats were predicted for BJP in Kerala.
BJP will win all 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi with more than 50% of voting.
In Haryana, BJP will win all 10 seats with 54% of voting.
In Gujarat, BJP will win all 26 seats. Clean sweep by BJP.
In Chhattisgarh BJP will get 9 seats while congress will win 2 seats, others nil.

Voting has concluded across eight states during final phase of Lok Sabha elections. Now exit polls will clear who would allies with whom.
The exit polls, known to be off the mark at times, are based on responses of the people who have cast their votes. Pollsters, assuming that the voters have correctly revealed their choice, predict the results much before the actual counting of votes.

Let’s hope for the best
Jai Hind!!

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