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China is ready for a massive attack on Taiwan : US Report

The Congress-appointed US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, the agency designated to provide national security and economic advice to Congress and the US President, said in a report that, “The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has already It has acquired the necessary capabilities to conduct air and naval blockades, cyber attacks and missile strikes against the US.”

The Daily Mail report said that, according to a report by the US Congress, the Chinese military has now achieved or is nearing the capability to invade Taiwan.

“PLA leaders now assess whether they have the necessary initial capability to conduct a high-risk invasion of Taiwan, or soon will, if ordered to do so by CCP leaders. I will continue to increase this capacity.”

Grenade attack on Army camp gate in Pathankot, Punjab

The Daily Mail has also reported that, in an associated report, it was found that the current marine and air lift capacity of the PLA could launch an initial landing force of at least 25,000 troops into Taiwan.

The report also stated that, “Given these developments, it is not entirely certain that US conventional military forces alone will continue to deter Chinese leaders from attacking Taiwan.”

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