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What is IMA in combined defence service (CDS)?

Combined Defence Service is a nation level examination conducted twice a year usually in the month of February and September. This exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) as a gateway for the young graduates who desire to get commissioned in Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

The selection procedure of CDS examination is mentioned in our recent blog.

Let us discuss what after getting selected.

Candidates who are selected in all the three stages of testing procedure of Combined Defence Services (CDS) go for the further training at Officer’s Training Academy (OTA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Air Force Academy (AFA).

What is IMA in CDS?

IMA stands for Indian Military Academy which is very similar to National Defence Academy (NDA) and Officers Training Academy (OTA). The IMA, Dehradun is the premier Institution of the Country that trains Gentlemen Cadets (GC) for commission in the Indian Armed Forces.

Those cadets who are graduates of non military colleges undergo training for one and a half years. In OTA where ladies and gentlemen both are trained into officers, in IMA only gentlemen can be inducted.

IMA basically is a training institution for permanent commission.

The training in the academy is to make sure that the gentlemen cadets are moulded into a common bonding as the cadets come from various backgrounds with multifarious habits and grooming. Here a man is transformed into a warrior who is willing to shed blood, wears his heart on his sleeve and resume on his uniform.

Daily schedule of cadet’s training at Indian Military Academy is decided prior the term starts and the same is followed till the end.

Cadets have to wake up early in the morning and fall- in for the morning roll call. After the roll call cadet proceed for their physical training.

After the physical training cadets come back to their squadrons, take bath, change their clothes and go for their breakfast. After all activities cadet get only 45mins.

After the breakfast, they rush to attend the classes within a minute.

Sharp at 1:30p.m cadets will have their lunch. Generally afternoons are for rest followed by games from 4-6p.m. After which cadets have to fall- in for the evening roll call.

Evenings after roll call are invested in self study. And then sharp at 8:30p.m cadets have to report for dinner.

Things are very scheduled and routine is hectic. Once you are in the grid you’ll enjoy it.

IMA is very strict for the discipline and Tough Punishments are awarded to the defaulters. You will be so busy in your training that you will not get time for yourself. In IMA you will not feel bored as number of events are held at regular intervals such as quiz, debate, x-country, boxing, athletics, etc and in spite of heavy schedule GC’s are allowed to  watch English and latest Hindi movies  for 3 days in a week. You are asked to join clubs where you can explore yourself and learn new things.

IMA is a place which transforms a man into a gentleman. The cadet learns to live his life with discipline. The time spent in IMA is a golden moment of every cadet’s life.

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