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25 Important English Questions for CDS-I 2019

25 Important English Questions for CDS 1 2019

 DIRECTIONS: – Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in any part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there no error, the answer is ‘D’ or ‘E’ i.e. No error.

  1. After you (A)/ will return from Mumbai(B)/ I will come to meet you (C)/ No error (D)
  1. My father (A)/ has left (B)/ for Mumbai last Saturday (C)/ No Error (D)
  1. I used to study till 10 pm (A)/ and then (B)/ I go to bed (C)/ No Error(D)
  1. Air pollution caused by industrial fumes has been studied (A)/for years, but only recently (B)/has the harmful effects of noise pollution become known. (C)/ No Error(D)
  1. The judge asked the man (A)/ if the bug he had lost (B)/ contain five thousand rupees. (C)/ No Error(D)
  1. The take in stage of (A)/ industrialization indicates radical changes (B)/ in methods of production (C)/ in an economy (D)/No error (E)
  1. Burglars broke out (A)/ my neighbor’s (B)/ house when they (C)/ were not at home. (D)/ No Error (E)
  1. Two coaches of a passenger train (A)/ derailed after the soil under the railway tracks (B)/ was washed and trains running (C)/ on the route were diverted. (D)/ No error (E)
  1. She wants (A)/ to continuing her studies abroad (B)/ since she will have various opportunities (C)/ to continue her research in her interested field. (D)/ No Error (E)
  1. To understand (A)/ English better (B)/ a good dictionary (C)/ is necessary. (D)/ No Error (E) 

DIRECTIONS: – In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, some words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately find out the appropriate words

Ayurveda should be viewed (11) one and all as a (12) if not alternative system of medicine. Such a methodology will be prevention oriented, holistic and scientific in its approach (13) from toxic effects. Inexpensive and easy to implement and (14) we would require (15) of non political voluntary social organizations village panchayats.

  1. (A) Beyond             (B) Before             (C) From                    (D) By
  1. (A) Complementary             (B) Contradictory               (C) Valuative                (D) Substitute
  1. (A) Originating             (B) Full              (C)  Free                     (D) Desired
  1. (A) Then                    (B) Till              (C) When                   (D) Still
  1. (A) Fewer                  (B) Endless               (C) High                     (D) Large

DIRECTION:- Choose the  word OPPOSITE in meaning to the given words. 


(A) Inaccurate                     (B) Appreciate

(C)  Unnoticed                      (D) Loyal


(A) Cure                                    (B) liberate

(C)  Compare                            (D) Diminish


(A) Authorize                          (B) Baffle

(C)  Repel                                  (D) Misplace


DIRECTION:- In the following questions, select of word which is SIMILAR in meaning  to the word given in bold.


(A) Economy            (B) foolishness

(C)  Fashion               (D) interrogation


(A) Reservation       (B) collide

(C)  Pollute                (D) flood


  1. S1: It is regrettable that there is widespread corruption in the country at all events.

P:    So there is hardly anything that the government can do about it now.

Q: And there are raft and other   malpractices too.

R:   The impression that corruption is a universal phenomenon persists and the people do not co operate in checking this evil.

S: Recently several offenders were brought to book, but they were not given deterrent punishment.

S6: This is indeed a tragedy of great magnitude.

(A) PQSR                    (B) QSRP

(C)  RSQP                    (D) SQRP


  1. S1: Of the scholars who compose a university, some may be expected to devote on unbroken leisure to learning, their fellows having the advantage of their knowledge from their conversation and world perhaps from their writings.

S6: There classes of persons, then, go to compose a university as we know it the scholar, the scholar who is also a teacher and those who come to be taught, the undergraduate.

P:    Others, however, will engage themselves to teach as well as to learn.

Q: Those who come to be thought at a university have to provide evidence that they are not merely beginners and not only do they have displayed before them the learning of their teachers, but they are offered a curriculum of study, to be followed by a test and the award of a degree.

R:   But here again, it is the special manner of the pedagogic enterprises which distinguishes a university.

S: A place of learning without this could scarcely be called a university.

(A) QPSR                    (B) RQSP

(C)  PQRS                    (D) SQRP


  1. S1: Several sub- cities have been planned around the capital.

S6:  Hopefully the housing problem will not be as acute as at present after these sub cities are built.

P:    Dwarka is the first among them.

Q:   They are expected to alleviate the problem of   housing.

R:   It is coming up in the south west of the capital.

S:     It will cater to one million people when completed.

(A) PQRS                    (B) PRSQ

(C)  QPRS                    (D) QRPS


  1. S1: We speak today of self – determination in politics.

S6Cultural subjection is ordinarily of on unconscious character and it implies slavery from the very spirit.

P:    So long’s conscious of a restraint, it is possible to resist it or to bear it as a necessary evil and to keep free in spirit.

Q:   slavery begins when one ceases to feel the restraint and it depends on if the evil is accepted as good.

R: There is, however, a subtler domination exercised

in the sphere of ideas by one culture on another.

S: Political subjection primarily means restraint on the outer life of people.

(A) RSPQ                    (B) RSQP

(C)  SPQR                    (D) SPRQ


  1. S1: Music, like literature, is an art that    deals with Sound.

S6They refer to specific things other than themselves such as objects and ideas.

P:    Literature makes use of words which are sounds.

Q:   They also are having meanings.

R:   And the write must be concerned with the effect produced by the sounds he uses.

S:    But words are not only sounds.

(A) PRSQ                    (B) PSQR

(C)  RPSQ                    (D) SRPQ



1 B 11  E 21 B
2 B 12 A 22 A
3 C 13 C 23 C
4 C 14 D 24 C
5 C 15 D 25 A
6 A 16 D    
7 A 17 B    
8 C 18 C    
9 B 19 A    
10 A 20 D    


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