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History is something which is interesting simultaneously boring also depending on the perspective of a person. If studying solely for passing then that knowledge is of no use and after sometime we will forget it rather we should have the approach to learn it understand it know what happened before us for information then it would change the matter from boring to interesting. If we develop this approach then we won’t find history boring.

Getting into defence force means you should know at least some parts of history and that’s obvious you are going to join Indian Defence and what if you don’t know the Indian History especially although medieval period also accounts, if you won’t know history how you can make certain decisions, pretty obvious. We are presenting you the best history book you can get for defence exams.

The TDA Publications History book had been prepared from candidate’s perspective that they get maximum benefits in short span of time. The crucial information and all necessary details had been added in a precise and concise manner ensuring all important points. The structure of the book is very simple and easy to understand and it has been divided into four sections The Ancient History, The Medieval History, The Modern History and The World History. The contents of each section is accordingly like the first section i.e. The Ancient History covers topics Stone Age, The Harappan Civilization, The Vedic Age, Pre-Mauryan Period, The Mauryan Empire, Post-Mauryan Period, Gupta Empire, Post Gupta Period. Immediately there are set of questions of objective type provided for the revision of the entire unit with answers at the end for reviewing. Second section i.e. The Medieval History includes topic like Sultanate Period, The Mughal Empire, and Vijaynagar Empire, The Marathas- the Rise of the Marathas, Anglo-Indian War, Mughal Decline and Rise of Regional State. Enough question set is provided of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for reviewing their progress with answers at the end. Third sections deals with topic of The Modern History like Advent of European Companies, British Land Revenue System, The Great Revolt of 1857, Tribal & Peasants Revolt, Religious Reforms Movement, Educational & Social Reforms of  British in India, Governor General Viceroys, Indian National Congress & Struggle for Independence, Indian National Movement (1885-1905), Indian National Movement (1905-1917), Indian National Movement (1917-1947), Constitutional Development and at the last part of this section there are enough objective set of questions provided for revision of students along with answers at the end. The last section i.e. The World History explains topics like French Revolution, Russian Revolution, The American War of Independence (1776-1783), First World War ( 1914-1919), Second World War and the last is the set of questions for practice of students with answers at the end. A keen attempt has been made from the professionals and expert team at TDA to make book useful and interesting leaving aside all the unnecessary things only the essentials has been discussed making it the best book of history for defence examination. The price of the book is very moderate just Rs. 350/- at www.publication.trishuldefenceacademy.com or you can find it on AMAZON as Best History Book or NDA-CDS.

TDA is fully dedicated towards making sure each of their candidates get in defence, working full time to achieve the best and creating friendly and good environment for students. TDA has been active in giving best and maximum candidates into air-force/navy/nda and conduct full training under the supervision of Mr. Anoop Mehrotra retired wing commander who has a vast and brilliant experience of training candidates for defence.

We are ready to help you always at Trishul Defence Academy the best coaching for NDA, CDS, AFCAT/ AIR FORCE-X/Y. Mark the success of your journey by being a part of TDA.

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