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Why Do Anyone Want To Join Indian Armed Forces

Why Do Anyone Want To Join Indian Armed Forces

This question generally comes at climax, many candidates may take this question in ease and might not answer it properly or just answer some readymade and very common statements. If your answer is very normal and common you may not get more back questions, but if you have something special and original, it will definitely attracts interviewing officer for sure. So always be ready with the original reason, it will also give you lot of confidence when you something real and legit.

So conclusion is that, since it is a very personal question therefore everyone have different yet common reasons to join the forces.

So common reasons NOT to be given to the Interviewing Officer-

  • Because I want to win a gallantry award.(PVC, MVC, etc)
  • Because I want to serve my country.( My friend you are already serving your country by performing your duty i.e., studying.

So apart from this give valid reasons such as-

Job Security –

In today’s competitive world, every individual dream to have a strong secure job


Respect which comes from the heart of Indians and no money can buy. In which job you can earn it?

Pay and perks-

There is a good pay and perks available in Indian army.


A life full of adventure, a life where each day is different from previous. The forces have always encouraged adventure activities like sky – diving, Para – sailing, mountaineering, etc.

Fit Body and exercises-

Everybody always do exercises and always try to maintain a better physique. In an army you can get this easily.

Sports –

For those who are also interested in Sports too ,the armed forces always encourages it. You can take Milka Singh as an Example.

Uniform –

One can easily get attract to the olive green uniform. The Uniform which you can’t buy. No one looks more Handsome than the man in uniforms.

Gentleman Personality 

The training and Lifestyle moulds you to become an officer and a gentleman i.e. tough arms and a noble heart.

An Honor to serve Motherland –

Administrative jobs also serve the nations, but securing and serving it on the cost of life is an elite job and is incomparable. Going beyond the limits for motherland means a lot to someone who has love for his country.

Each day is different from previous – Each day is not same for an army man there is always something new happens.

A new experience on each and every step.

Love towards Military Weapons – Anyone can get attracted to such heavy machines.

You can ride a luxury car but to ride in such vehicles, you have to become something special.

The pride – Of standing in front of the entire nation and telling “yes I have repaid the debt of my motherland”.


At the age of 25 you can lead a battalion and will hold a much power in hand, which job can provide you so much power in short time and at this age ?

Indian Armed forces, A life beyond extra ordinary.

So, these are some reasons why one should go for Indian Armed Forces and Trishul Defence Academy, the best defence institute of North India by giving the highest number of selections, will help you to achieve this goal of yours. So be a part of Trishul Defence Academy and Serve the Nation With Glory.

Jai Hind , Jai Bharat.

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