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How To Crack Adaptability Test In Airforce Airmen Examination

As you all know that Airforce written examination’s results are out days before. Now it’s time for them to prepare for their phase II of the examination i.e. Adaptability Test. Those aspirants who are new to the examination must have been and scared too as what they are going to be asked in their Adaptability test.

For those students here we are providing some tips as what is Adaptability test and how you can clear it easily.

Adaptability test is basically a psychological test, to examine about your General bearings and Mentality about society and your surroundings.

Adaptability test is nothing but a bunch of questions based on different situations. Generally there will be 45 questions needed to be answered in 30 minutes

For any particular question all options are correct because those are the response of any person and every person reacts to a situation differently based on his personality and Upbringing. None of the options are wrong. So go for all questions i.e. make sure no question remain untouched. All the Questions are having 4 correct options in the order of marks of 1, 0.75, 0.5, & 0.25. For the best answer you will get 1 out of 1.

Make sure you read the questions carefully and then answer because it is not about your academics preparation; they just check your mental ability to react in different situations. So we would suggest that you should choose the option that has suitable logic .don’t rely on guess work because all options are correct accordingly.

Talking about the GD i.e. Group Discussion Part, more or less it depends on the kind of group you get and most importantly; on you. The basic thing is to be confident on what you say. If you are able to speak at least one point with confidence then you are in. No matter whether you are speaking in the beginning or at the end. Try to make eye contact with your group-mates and also listen to each and every candidate’s point seriously or at least act like you are listening to them.

You can also prepare for GD by reading some essays on social topics like global warming, population, pollution, merit and demerits of Mobile phone, future of democracy in India, etc.

On concluding we can say it is a test based completely on your mental ability and IQ. Your own calibre will help you to crack this exam.

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